Supported systems

Less administration and better customer understanding

Make life easy for your employees by providing an interface between Lime CRM and your business system. With a simple click, users can replicate data and ensure up-to-date customer data is available in both systems. This means, for example, that customer service is able to view registered invoices and invoice specifications when they speak to a specific customer, that the sales guys can review and evaluate customer relationships, etc.

Life is easier with ERP Connector

  • Add new customers to your business system with a simple click in Lime CRM.
  • Customer numbers generated in the ERP system are automatically added to Lime CRM, enabling synchronisation of invoices between the systems.
  • View all registered invoices, including invoice specifications, directly in Lime CRM.
  • Registered invoices are displayed in visual graphs directly on the company card in Lime CRM. Make quick comparisons of invoicing per customer YoY, MoM or QoQ.
  • Fields that display the company’s net sales for current and previous years.

Boost your handling of orders booked

Enhance your Connector with more features. With our add-on, ERP Order, order details are synchronised between Lime CRM and your business system. The add-on allows you to create orders directly in Lime CRM, to generate automatic invoices and more.

Make the business system Master

The Master add-on makes your business system the “master” of customer information. Create and update customers in your ERP system – everything is automatically synchronised with Lime CRM. And you can still add new customers in Lime CRM.

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