1 teaspoon Keep your promises
1 oz High activity level
1 spoon of Endurance

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and tuck into a nice dough of Purposefulness. But why are all these ingredients so important?

Make the customer feel important – keep your promises

Have you ever met someone that doesn’t keep a promise? How did you feel about that? Mybe you didn’t felt very important, right? For me, it is always extremely important to keep a promise, because my window of opportunity can be closed the day after. If you have promised to get back at a certian time but can’t get hold of the person you are looking for, leave a message or send an email to show that you keep your promise.

High activity level

According to the activity ladder it is important to keep a high activity level if you want to make many deals. Me, as a sales person, is addicted to the adrenaline rush that runs through my veins when I close a deal. This rush is something I want to feel every single day, that’s why I keep a high activity level. You can call me an adrenaline junkie! Or passionate of what I am selling!

After several years, many of my deals have finally closed and now I finally can say I have delivered! 🙂 When building this long-term relationship it felt rather hopeless and that the deal should never take place, this because the lack of adrenaline rush in my body. But in reality, how bad is it? Not really actually.

My activity level gives me other deals to take care of during this time, and my CRM-system reminds me to give a new call or book a new appointment. My task is to finish my reminders, no matter how long I have been working on a specific case. Finish the task instantly, don’t wait until tomorrow! If so, you will probably postpone it to the day after, and the day after that day and so on. Just do and stay on top of mind at the prospect and don’t miss your window of opportunity!

Be patient! And have a goal.

All these three ingredients that I now have mentioned sums up the final product, purposefulness. To be able to work with all of them I need a purpose or a goal to work against, it doesn’t matter whether it is a monetary goal or an activity goal – is up to you! I myself needs to be better in celebrating when I reach and overcome my goals, just to feel the adrenaline rush.