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Isterbandsälskande fd Boråstjej som vid sin första anställningsintervju på Lundalogik sa hon ”jag ska ha ditt jobb” till dåvarande marknadschef. Och surprise – det fick hon! Har en förmåga att alltid se nyklippt ut. Började att crawlsimma och spela tennis vid vuxen ålder, vi kollegor börjar ana en kommande 30-årskris… ;) Kör gärna fyrhjuling när tillfälle ges.

RemoteX changes name – and becomes Lime Field

By | 2017-06-07T12:01:20+00:00 8 June, 2017|Press release|

February 1st this year, RemoteX was purchased by Lundalogik. Today, the RemoteX product takes another big step and becomes part of the Lundalogik Lime family. From now on, RemoteX will be known as Lime Field. Earlier this year, the company RemoteX Technologies AB became part of Lundalogik. Since then, [...]

See all of your customers and prospects on a map

By | 2017-12-27T16:03:45+00:00 13 March, 2013|Product|

Would you like to see where your customers are, what areas you have covered and where you should put some extra effort? This feature is already available in our big brother Lime CRM. However, if you run Lime Easy there is a cool, free and very simple online service that [...]