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Tidigare radiohallåa som snabbspolar fram till reklamavbrotten, gärna med en kall ale i handen. Ett förflutet på posten borgar för att våra brev numera frankeras korrekt. Har enligt rykten en både hård och rapp högerkrok, som till vår glädje dock ännu inte använts på kontoret. . .

Fast passes with Lime-links

By | 2018-01-22T16:20:45+00:00 15 June, 2016|Product|

Lime is usually a central point in the business. To ensure that you and your colleagues are talking about the same things (and to make it easy for the recipients) you can send a direct link that points out the items concerned.

Make your calls from Lime

By | 2018-01-22T16:30:03+00:00 30 January, 2015|Product|

Calling via Lime is super easy! First test if you might already have the correct setting on your computer by clicking on a phone number, for example at the bottom of our homepage. Does it work? If the answer is yes... ...and you use Lime Easy, check the box in [...]