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Tips on sales and CRM!

Give before you take

An inspirational post about the basic principles of giving and taking – and how you can apply it in your everyday sales work.

Lime CRM <3 ERP system

To work in numerous systems, copy and paste information between the systems and try to keep them updated, is a nightmare for many of us. And sure, we are advocates of working according to the ”best of breed” principle,

Never write proposals

To never write a proposal might seem like a strange tip. What it is actually about is to never give a client a proposal without being there to see or hear their reaction.

New year, new sales tricks?

When a new year comes around it's time to freshen up your sales tricks. Antti takes you through all of the basic ones you need to make your budget.

CRM market trends in 2014

In year 2013 we witnessed several trends, such as Social CRM, Crowdsourcing, Big Data and Gamification. Naturally, these trends will not disappear, they will rather refine, deepen and permeate with 2014:s trends: B2B sales will be more like consumer sales.

How to focus on sales this fall

Q4 is in front of you and I guess you are about to close your budget. To be able to reach your budget it is time to focus like a Greyhound chasing a rabbit!

Talk to the customer with the customer’s language

Q4 starts coming to an end, and the other day we ended our most intensive period of exhibitions and mingles. To participate in business exhibitions and mingles is not only a rewarding for us sales people as we meet new

Identify your unique way of selling

A while ago, I met an old friend on the subway. He asked me what I do for a living and I answered that I work with sales. “Sales? I could never do that, I am not that type of

Top 3 closing methods

Sometimes it’s good to look back and reflect how the last half a year has been - what went well, what didn’t go so well and what you can learn from it. Here is Lauras top three closing methods.

5 tricks for good customer care

Sales is often closely connected to new businesses, but to take care of your existing customers is just as important. Here are five tools to succeed with good customer care.

The art of asking the right questions and increase sales

As a sales person you need to know quite a lot about your potential buyer. Many times you get what you ask. This might sound simple, but if you think of the statement more closely, you might discover that the statement has a hidden meaning. Do we really ask the right questions?

It’s NOT about you

Sometimes you get stuck. You are not on your budget, no response from your customers, no interesting e-mails in your inbox. It’s hard to be a salesman/a saleswoman. Or is it?

Visualization calls

"Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever." –Indian proverb. In sales the main focus is always the customers need. I

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