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Simplify your workday with our new To-do flow

Our web client is insanely good at keeping track of everything you need in your relationships with customers and prospects. And now it’s even better! With our new work flow for managing tasks and meetings, we have made it super-easy for you to log the results of all your activities! But that is not all! We have also added a new function where you can directly create a follow-up task in the same work flow. How awesome is that?

How this new function works:

1. All the tasks and meetings you have entered in Lime CRM are displayed on the dashboard, sorted after what is due closest in time.

2. The icons clearly show whether it is a task or a meeting.

3. Directly from the action menu (the three dots on each line), you have access to useful information, such as the connected person’s e-mail address and telephone numbers. This makes it super easy for you to contact the person directly off the list.

From the menu, you can mark tasks or meetings as “done”. This opens a window where you can note the result of the task or meeting. The note will be shown in the activity flow as a history listing.

In the same window, you have the option to add a new To-do task, so nothing falls between the cracks. If you mark a customer visit as “done”, you probably have a task to look into after the meeting – right?

If you want to postpone a To-do task, you can do this by using the link in the action menu. In the window displayed, you get suggestions for how far you can postpone the task and you can also set the time and date manually.

A task that has been marked as done can be resumed in the action menu in a To-do card. There you have access to the activity flow for the connected company and contact person. That way, you have an overall view of the activities in relation to your task without having to click any further – insanely convenient!

I hope you like the management of To-do tasks! Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns!

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Integrate more – our new REST APIs are here!

The platform in Lime CRM has always entailed fantastic options for integrations with other systems, letting you have all your information in order to get an overall picture of the customer relationship.

We are now expanding the integration options with our new REST-based APIs!

The new APIs provide simple, modern ways to integrate Lime CRM with the world and supports creating, retrieving, updating and deleting information in Lime CRM programmatically. The APIs also enables simple integrations in a standardized way which third-party/integration partners easily can use as we provide dynamic documentation and examples. This documentation is bundled with your Lime CRM installation and is unique to your solution.

Some examples of simple applications for which API is perfect:

  • Creating participants in marketing activity via registration form on your homepage.
  • Generate helpdesk tickets in Lime CRM from a form on your support page.
  • Display ticket information from Lime CRM in web portal.
  • Simpler telephone integrations to see call history directly from Lime CRM.
  • Create new companies in Lime CRM from ERP system.

If you are interested in the technical details, we recommend our technical wiki here.

Lime CRM loves Zapier

To make it even easier for our customers to benefit from our API, we also provide a connection to our friends at Zapier, a web-based integration platform that enables integration with more than 750 applications via a very user-friendly interface. Previously, we’ve had support for some triggers in Zapier, but now we also support actions via the REST-API:t, which enables creating objects very easily in Lime CRM, based on actions in other applications.

Are you using Google Forms to manage registrations for events, and want to sync it to Lime CRM? Are you using Zendesk for support chat and want it to generate cases in Lime CRM? Do you want conversions in Apsis Lead to generate leads in Lime CRM? All of this is now possible via Zapier – and best of all, you don’t even have to be a programmer to create the connections. Anyone can do it, we promise!

And what else is great? The Zapier integration is included when you activate the REST API option, meaning you only need an account with Zapier to get started.

What does it cost?

Access to our REST API costs 50 SEK/user/month. Access to actions in Zapier is included, without additional cost.

How do I get access to REST API?

Contact us at Lime and we’ll help you!

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New functions in the web client!

Category search –  improved search options in the web client!

To find what you are looking for is first and last in your CRM, and Lime CRM won’t let you down!

In our web client, we’ve always had a global search function to land you the best search hits whether you are looking for a company, person, business opportunity or something else. This search is great, but sometimes you want to search a bit further within specific categories. For this reason, we are now launching a new function we call category search.

When you search in the web client, the mixed hits are displayed first, where the best matching hits are displayed, regardless of what you are searching for. Now you’ll have the option to search in the different categories you have in Lime CRM, thus only displaying the hits you have within a particular category. The exact amount of hits in every category is displayed, so you can see right away if you have a hit or not.

Sales pipeline – get an even better handle on your business opportunities!

To have a handle on your ongoing deals is, of course, crucial for all sales reps, and in the web client it is easier than ever thanks to our improved sales pipe widget.

In our latest release, it’s now possible to expand each sales status and get a list with the included business opportunities. Here you get an excellent overview of business value, probability and more for each status. You also have the option to click on the business opportunities and thus get a more detailed picture of each business opportunity.

Just as before, you have the option of viewing the entire company’s ongoing deals, or only yours.

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News in Lime CRM 10.14

LIME Pro is now Lime CRM!

We recently changed the name of our beloved product and when we did, we also took the opportunity to give the logo and product colors a total redesign! The new version of the desktop client has of course gone through this transformation, which gives a modern and fresh look of the login screen. Our new icon will of course be shown at the desktop and in all shortcuts created for Lime CRM.

Possible to customize functionality when clicking on phone number from Lime CRM

It is now possible to customize functionality in Lime CRM when clicking on a phone number, which makes it possible to customize your CRM-solution when you are making phone call. Maybe you want a history note to be created when you make a call from Lime CRM? Or maybe you want add a to-do? Our consultants will gladly help you with the customizations that this feature enables.

Performance improvements

When you open a card, a control of tab related information is only done once, which makes it a bit faster when opening the card.

Search improvments

Quick search now supports local date formats.

Bug fixes

  • Documents are no longer mistakenly being read-only
  • Drag and drop of e-mails threw error when the document was created in Lime CRM
  • Templates in the template manage can now have the same name in different folders
  • And more!

Please observe that the new version requires Lime CRM server version 12.0 or higher! If you are unsure which version you are running – contact us and we will guide you!

For a complete list of the including features and bug fixes:


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Fast passes with Lime-links

Lime is usually a central point in the business, and on several occasions you send emails concernning records in the CRM system. To ensure that you and your colleagues are talking about the same things (and to make it easy for the recipients) you can send a direct link that points out the items concerned.

To easily send a Lime-link:

  1. Select one or more entries in a list
  2. Right-click the list and select Lime Link > Send Limelink > Copy Limelink

The receiver will now have a link in the email which open items directly in Lime!

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A new version is here – check out Lime Easy 9.5!

We are proud to present our new version of Lime Easy! Check out our top three new features that makes your work even easier.

Would you like to upgrade to Lime Easy 9.5? Click here »

Move documents between companies and projects

With just a few clicks you can now move multiple documents between companies or projects. Maybe you’ve created a duplicate of a company and the last thing you want to do is to upload each document again? The scenarios are many, and the solution is finally here! Best of all? It’s super easy! Just do like this:

  • Open the document window on a company or project card
  • Mark the documents you want to move
  • Click on More > Move document(s)…
  • Choose what company/project you want to move the document to, and then click OK
  • Done!


Inactivate persons

Have one of your customers´ employees quit their job? Instead of deleting that person in Lime Easy, you can finally choose to inactivate them. In this way, the person is still connected to the company in Lime Easy, you can see their contact details and related history notes. However, the person will not show up as a selectable option, for example when you create a new reminder and want to select a contact.


Mass update reminders to specific start and end time.

You can now select the exact start and end dates for multiple reminders. For example, if you are going away on vacation and want to push all your reminders forward to the date you come back, you can now do that.


More improvements

Want to know more details about what has happened in Lime Easy 9.5? Download our PDF where we have listed all the release notes!

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