BMW Financial Services is BMW’s own finance company. Every year they finance about 3.1 million cars worldwide. BMW Financial Services has been present in Sweden since 1999, and they have their Nordic headquarters in Stockholm.


BMW Financial Services was lacking a system that gave them a complete customer picture. To solve this issue, they started off with Lime’s smaller CRM system Lime Easy. They Integrated it with financial information from BMW’s internal systems and got a pretty simple overall customer picture in one system.

After a while, BMW saw the potential to create one master customer data system by integrating Bisnode, and at the same time they wanted to work more progressively with campaigns and mailings to customers. An upgrade to Lime CRM was therefore a natural next step. The project started in November 2010 and launched in February 2011.

Today, BMW Financial Services has more than 70 Lime CRM users in both Stockholm and Oslo.

Why Lime CRM?

  • One gathered customer picture that integrates with several other systems in the BMW sphere.
  • Lime’s expertise in the in the area of CRM system implementation is high. This contributes to further develop BMW’s Nordic organization within customer loyalty.
  • The ability to develop the platform continuously.
  • Visual BI (Business Intelligence) and important KPIs in one place.
  • Case management that automatically gathers support emails and creates a Knowledge Base that helps the customer center.
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“With Lime we got a great CRM-system and a new CRM process that led to an increase in the retention rate in the first year – from 25% to 40%.”
Caroline Nygren, Project Manager, BMW Financial Services

The result: One customer picture in a well-used system that has increased customer focus

BMW Financial Services and Lime CRM are constantly evolving together. In 2013 BMW started a customer center to gather the support from all their customers. Lime CRM was therefore evolved to also include case management. With the new case management, cases are both created manually, through phone calls, and also automatically created by a number of mailboxes (8 mailboxes, to be precise) that are monitored by an integration through Mail Gateway. By creating a Knowledge Base that are stored in Lime CRM, BMW has streamlined their case management, and ensures that it’s standardized and efficient.

BMW Financial Services also has an integration into a Self Service platform that makes it easier for both the customer and the contact center. To ensure effective follow-up BMW is using the add on Lime BI that provides visual reporting of everything from sales to open cases.

All of this have contributed to an increased customer focus within the company and a new approach, which is based on the customer rather than a financial agreement.

Lime in terms of project implementation, operational expertise in business processes and devotion to a customer-centered approach has not only contributed to a well-used CRM system within the organization, but also increased the awareness of BMW Financial Services in the Nordic region.

Here’s how BMW Financial Services Lime CRM solution is integrated

A challenge for BMW was that they already had a lot of systems in place, but lacked the unified customer picture. To achieve this unified customer picture, we’ve integrated many of their other systems (lo and behold: even another CRM-system). Lime CRM is also integrated with the client’s “My pages”. We also use our connections: Lime BI (to visualize numbers), Bisnode (to gather customer data) and Mail Gateway that automatically gathers the 8 e-mail inboxes into Lime CRM. And that’s how BMW Financial Services got their combined picture of their customers in Lime CRM.

Want more?

Do you want to know more about BMW Financial Services Lime CRM solution or maybe you’re curious if Lime CRM could solve your needs? Talk to Nils. He’s been side by side with BMW since the start and knows Lime CRM like the back of his hand.


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