1Many can introduce and implement IT at a client, but to move the customer forward with IT is an art. But, it will become much easier if you gather a good project team, manage the project decisively forward and make sure to be effective. One way to make the project effective is to conduct effective meetings during the project. We have gathered some tips for how to achieve a healthy and productive meeting culture:

  • Have a clear leader of the meeting.
  • Send a thorough and welcoming invitation in good time before.
  • If key person cannot attend, change time.
  • Clarify expectations and focus for the meeting.
  • Set the expectation that everyone should have prepared for the meeting.
  • Stay focused on the meeting. Side discussions belongs to the coffee break (fika), preparation or work after.
  • Do not leave the meeting when all needs are fulfilled. Instead, try to find what would add value.
  • Before leaving the meeting, evaluate the it briefly. What and who brought something to the meeting, and who should be part of the next meeting.
  • Too many participants seldom resolve anything without creating more confusion.
  • Does everyone need to attend the entire meeting? Dare to ask for the right skills!
  • Set preconditions for the next meeting, and give “homework”.

In fact, these bullets can be applied to any kind of meeting. This way, you will avoid the participants to think “What do I do at this meeting, I wonder when it will end?

So, for the next meeting you plan – go through the list and make it really effective! 🙂