Earlier Berendsen used three separate sales system for prospects, customers and sales administration. This of course created inefficient administration and reporting. Therefore, Berendsen needed one single system to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, easier day for the sales force and customer service. Both in the work with prospects and with customers.

The purpose of a new CRM system was:

  • One common system
  • Simplified administration and reporting
  • Overview of existing customers and contracts

“With Lime CRM, we have simplified and streamlined the process that turns a prospect into a contract and a deal.”

Kristina Martinsson, Berendsen Textil Service AB

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Results: A system that improves efficiency and saves time

In the fall of 2007 and spring of 2008 Lime CRM was implemented at Berendsen. 3 systems became 1. Administration was simplified and sales and management reporting was improved. By only having to put in something once and reduction of duplicates Berendsen got a much better overall picture of existing customers and agreements.

Through the introduction of Lime CRM, Berendsen Textil Service AB increased customer satisfaction, greatly improved the ability to process prospects and streamlined reporting through the entire sales process.

Berendsen Textil Service AB is a proof of a CRM project that succeeded to create a system to make the business more efficient, improve customer satisfaction, creating value for the sales force and customer service in their work with prospects and customers.

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About Berendsen

Berendsen Textil Service AB is one of Europe’s leading textile service companies. They help their customers by taking care of work clothes, bedding, linen, floor care, doormats and hygiene equipment.