Our CEO Erik: Lundalogik goes Lime by Lundalogik

For more than 25 years we’ve had a dream: a dream of making all Nordic companies into customer magnets. With the help of our product suite Lime and our amazing CRM experts, we’ve come a long way. Until this day, we’ve helped more than 6000 companies to become even better at taking care of their customers. But there’s more to come!

We want our profile to reflect our ambition and desire to create modern CRM solutions: That’s why we’ve decided to change clothes. Starting today, you will see more of our great brand; Lime.

So proud of our new profile

You already know that we like doing everything ourselves. This time as well. Everything from logos, fonts, colors, website – you name it – we’ve done it all. Therefore, we are of course extremely proud today. We hope you like our profile as much as we do!


We are the same great company

You are still a customer of the company Lundalogik (the official name stays the same). So what is really changing?

  • A new profile that better reflects our mission to create customer magnets. It also helps us to develop our position as market leader in Sweden and facilitates our quest to become the greatest CRM supplier in the Nordic region.
  • You may see that the lime is replaced by a speech bubble? CRM has a lot to do with communication. From communication with customers, prospects to suppliers and other stakeholders. Working with a speech bubble, therefore, seemed very natural.
  • We have a new logo and a fresh new graphic profile. You will still recognize our playful way of communicating and our colors.
  • We sign of everything we do with “by Lundalogik”
  • For those who struggled with writing LIME in CAPS – no more struggle! LIME is – from now on – Lime.
  • Last, but certainly not least: LIME Pro becomes Lime CRM. Lime Go and Lime Easy will keep their names and get new logos.

LIME Pro becomes Lime CRM

We have been longing for a name that tells our customers what the product does for quite some time. As you know, CRM is a part of every solution we deliver with our larger CRM system. So what would be more natural than to call the product just CRM?

As a user of Lime Pro, you will not have to go through major changes. Next time Lime gets an update, you will receive a new desktop icon and splash screen. The big difference is that the icon and the splash screen in the future will be turquoise instead of green.

Fun facts: “What does Lime mean?”

This is a question I have been asked so many times. Almost more times than “What is CRM?”.

Lime stands for Lund, Intelligent, Magnets and Experts.

  • Lund represents our origins, our history, and our core values.
  • Intelligent represents our systems: intelligent tools that help smart people to work smarter, make more money and save a lot of time.
  • Magnets represent what we want to create: together with our customers, we spread the philosophy of CRM and create customer magnets.
  • Experts represent the passionate human beings that create this great company. Without our experts, we would be nothing.

Thanks for reading all of this and for being a customer of ours – now go out there and be a customer magnet. Enjoy!

/ Erik, CEO Lundalogik


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