Connect Lime CRM with loads of web tools!

Finally, you can now connect Lime CRM with loads of web based apps! The platform that makes this possible is called Zapier, a web service that is super easy to use for building your own smart work flows. With Zapier you can retrieve information from Lime CRM and send it to different web apps. For example, you can receive an email when a business opportunity is set to ‘won’.

Our triggers to Zapier can handle the following activities in Lime CRM:

  • Deal status changed. E.g. “when deal is won – email sales manager”.
  • Company status changed. E.g.” when company status is set to customer – post in Slack”.
  • Solution improvement status changed. E.g.” when solution improvement is set to approved – create card in Trello”.
  • Add person to newsletter. E.g.” when pressing button in Actionpad – add person to Mailchimp newsletter”

The best thing since sliced bread?

Yes, at Lime we honestly think so. For example, we use Zapier to keep track of won business deals in Slack, enabling the whole organization to get a notification when it’s done. We love giving our sales reps high fives when they’ve won a deal. Our sales team also use Zapier for gamification of our budget and sales figures. It’s a great way to keep the motivation high and the team spirit alive.

Sales screen at Lime

So, is it that easy to create a zap? Thankfully, it’s a piece of cake! Join our Lime CRM product manager Magnus and he’ll show you how we’ve set up our own zap!

A little FAQ

  • A Zapier account
  • Access to the Lime CRM add-on. You’ll receive an invitation from us!
4 hours of consulting in order to enable the functionality in Lime CRM.
No. At the moment you can only retrieve information from Lime CRM. This means you can only create triggers from Lime CRM.
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