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Add-ons & integrations for Lime

Lime Easy, Lime Go and Lime CRM are all easy to customize. We’ve developed a bunch of add-ons that our customers have asked for.

Missing something? Don’t worry. We have integrated our systems with almost anything you can imagine during the last 25 years. ERP systems, websites, real estate systems, product databases, document management systems, MPS, and much more. We’re positive that we can help you. Challenge us!

Have you found something interesting?

Our add-ons/integrations usually cost a penny, and some consulting time is usually needed, in order for you to get a really awesome solution.
Some add-ons, however, are completely free (marked here under as “always included”) and sometimes they don’t even need consultation.

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Having access to important information when you are on the go is a necessity. Our web apps work on all platforms and are available wherever you are. Keep track of your to-do’s, get directions to a customer meeting, and why not check recent notes before you walk in to that meeting? We provide everything to make your life easier while on the road!

Good to know:
-The apps are free, but often requires consultation during installation and startup.



With an integration in APSIS Pro, you can manage subscribers, events and of course create and send newsletters from Lime CRM. You can view detailed reports and see exactly which contacts in Lime CRM have read a specific newsletter, and what they clicked on. You will also get an indication of the email addresses that aren’t correct, making it easier to manage bounce-backs and opt-outs.  


Auto Import

The import module for Lime Easy is magical. With this add-on you can import everything through text files. You schedule the import with Windows Task Scheduler and *poof* everything will happen automatically. So, what can you import? Everything that is available in text files. Perhaps data from your ERP system or info from your website? It's up to you!


BI Analyze

With Lime BI Analyze (powered by QlikView) you can collect all of your KPIs in one place. How are sales doing? How many support cases have you finished? Are you in line with the budget? Keep track of important numbers in real time. Be proactive - not reactive.


BI Dashboard

With Lime BI Dashboard (powered by QlikView) you can visualize your metrics. Have you done enough sales calls? Sent enough quotes? Taken on any new business? Will you reach budget? An important tool for the sales organization.



Stop all the extra work! Instead of manually entering all the companies and people you meet, you can easily download them from Bisnode's business directory. You get all the information you need, from contact information and decision-makers – to the organization number and number of employees. Right at your finger tips!

Good to know:
- You need a subscription from Bisnode to get access to Bisnode information.
- Our add-on is free. Customers usually don’t need consultation.



Lime works very well with Excel. You can import data from Excel to Lime and of course export the information in your CRM system into Excel. This way, you can work with the application you are comfortable with. Although our CRM system obviously has all the functionality you need...!

Good to know:
- The add-on is free and installed out of the box.
- Of course, you need Excel to make it work.



Extranet is a web solution that allows you to share information from Lime CRM externally. Perhaps to customers, partners, resellers or friends? With a password, the person gets access to what you want to share, with full security of course. Perhaps you want to give a customer access to a support ticket? The possibilities are endless.


Google Maps

With our integration to Google Maps you can view your customers or products on a map in Lime. Maybe you want to plan your sales tour and want to know which of your A-customers who are along your planned route. Why not schedule a service round, and know where your machines are deployed. Smart, and visual!



Set goals and follow them with visual "traffic lights". With Insight, your and your sales team’s numbers are visualized. Don’t wait until the next sales meeting to know how your are doing. With Insight everyone can follow your numbers in real time!



Yes - you will find Outlook in Lime! A smooth add-on that makes every day a lot easier. You see your email and customers in the same window and get an overall picture. You drag and drop an email from Outlook to Lime, and the system understands what person and company it is linked to. Like magic!

Good to know:
- The add-on is free and installed out of the box.
- Of course, you need Outlook to make it work.


Mail Gateway

With Mail Gateway, you can easily retrieve email into Lime CRM. For example, the customer might send a mail about a problem to - and you want a support ticket to be created. No problem! Mail Gateway solves that automatically.


Web Service

Web Service is the public face of Lime CRM. It exports or imports information to and from your website, business or intranet etc. With Web Service, almost anything is possible. Lime CRM loves to manage information and with Web Service it can be downloaded from wherever.



Lime Easy and Lime CRM talks the same language as the entire Office suite, making it easy to work in Lime and Word together. Create templates, quotes, print letters, drag and drop important documents into Lime. You can continue working in the program you know best. Easy peasy!

Good to know:
- The add-on is free and installed out of the box.
- Of course, you need Word to make it work.