Dare to experiment – have more fun at work!

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It is easy and convenient to do things that you have always done before. As human beings we generally love routines and we have a tendency to fall back on what is safe and secure, whether if it is our choice of exercise machines at the gym or the way that we are working. With some variation, however, your workout at the gym as well as our way of working could be more inspiring. Why not experiment a little bit with your working tasks and have more fun at work?

Variation – the key to job satisfaction

A few years ago I read an interesting article about job satisfaction. It was about the importance of having fun at work and how it can lead to lower absenteeism, more committed employees and ultimately customer satisfaction. There are several factors that can contribute to an enjoyable workplace. Pretty obvious factors are social interaction with colleagues, appreciation from your boss and the opportunity for development. However, what caught my interest was variation, how important it is to dare to experiment and do things just because it is fun.

After a long winter break, many of us come back to work full of energy and with a craving to start with the sales work again. Then it is easy to fall back into old routines and “do what you have always done.” There is of course nothing wrong with that, especially if these routines previously have helped you to achieve your goals and your budget. There is a risk, however, that the tasks will only be results-oriented and that the scope for “experimental” elements becomes smaller.

Table tennis tournament or a breakfast meeting?

Experimenting with your working tasks may include everything from organizing a table tennis tournament at the office to arranging a spontaneous breakfast meeting for your most important customers. A personal favorite is to call selected customer once a week without have a sales pitch. To simply give a little without asking for anything in return. Let your imagination and your creative mind set the limits (initially consulting your boss is also a good idea…).

Reflect upon activities that you think would be fun to do, then set aside an hour or two per week or month where you actually do them – dare to experiment, improve customer satisfaction and have fun!

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