A salesperson's best friend

Generating flawless quotes with correct product details, calculations and pricing takes a lot of time. Lime CPQ reduces administrative work and you can feel secure in the knowledge that your quotes are correct. Free up time that you can use for the parts of your job that your best at: Finding new customers and closing deals.

A sales manager's dream

Lime CPQ is the solution helping modern sales teams close more deals. A cloud-based platform makes the tool available to your team from any device. Combine Lime CPQ with Lime BI to generate analysable data in a way that’s easy to understand. You can easily do follow-ups; what deals have been won, how much discount has been given and what has it meant for your turnover and contribution margin?

How the tool works

Lime CPQ gives you a complete overview of the products you’re selling and their correct price. You can also download them automatically from your ERP-system. Choose between active items, adjust the details and build your quote with just a few clicks. Of course you’ll have full control over how any discounts affect your margins. With professional templates, your quote is ready to be sent to the customer in no time. And, if you need to edit an existing quote, you can do it easily without losing crucial time from your business process!

We like customisation!

Lime CPQ is here to help you in your everyday life and can be customised down to the last detail. Create flawless quotes in a simple way even with complex needs. Maybe you sell internationally and need support for multiple currencies? No problem, Lime CPQ can adjust prices based on the currency of the deal or the customer’s country. Or how about dynamic pricing that allows you to offer customised discounts based on customer classification or article group? The possibilities are many!

Lime CPQ + Lime eSign

Use Lime eSign to get the quote signed digitally, to further shorten your sales cycle. When the quote is signed, you can create an order based on the quote and have it automatically transferred to your ERP system.

Lime CPQ – everything you need in a CPQ tool!

  • Create error-free and sales-focused quotes in just a few minutes
  • Make your sales process more efficient
  • Minimise risks
  • Save time
  • Easy implementation


Webclient, Cloud, On-Prem


Sales, Communication


Lime Technologies


English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, German

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