Utilise your customer data better

Utilise what you already know about your contacts by adding Lime Event to Lime CRM and Lime Newsletter. Webinars for sales managers? Product demos for retailers? No problem! Filter out the appropriate target group from your contacts and mail out invitations using Lime Newsletter. Design the registration page in Lime Events and let the registrations end up in Lime CRM.

This is how Lime Event works

  • Create a landing page in Lime Event and link it to a marketing activity in Lime CRM, as well as to Lime Newsletter if you like.
  • Select a digital event or a physical venue.
  • Monitor attendance, dietary requirements and other information in Lime CRM.
  • Use Lime Newsletter to mail out invitations and follow up.
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Invite like a pro

With Lime Newsletter, you can easily create appealing emails and invitations in connection to your events. Or why not an SMS reminder to all participants the day before? Explore more opportunities in our series of marketing tools!

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