Portals for a variety of purposes

Are you in the need of a way to let your coworkers on the floor easily register information that should transfer directly to Lime CRM? Or do you need a “My pages” to let your customers log in and update their contact information without middle hands? Lime Portal comes in a variety of versions for a variety of purposes.

Integrated in Lime CRM

A portal could obviously never float your boat if it were not well integrated with your CRM. Therefore, we made sure all objects in Lime CRM, like agreements, documents and tickets, are accessible and adjustable in Lime Portal. To add further icing on the cake, we also made it possible to connect your portal with other systems such as Creditsafe, Sharepoint and Bisnode. Whop whop!

Summary of Lime Portal

  • Choose between Customer Portal or Partner Portal
  • Directly integrated in Lime CRM
  • Colors and logo can be customized to match the identity of your organization
  • Choose between three types of log in: BankID (Only Sweden), user name / password or Lime CRM user
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