When was the last time you unsubscribed from a newsletter after receiving an off-topic email campaign that felt irrelevant? You can probably think of a few recent instances! Everyone shares the experience of receiving seemingly random content that doesn’t provide any personal value.

For email marketers, personalization is a must-have to capture the attention of your subscribers, customers, and all contacts who are expecting to hear from you.

Consumers expect you to deliver personalized content

Email campaigns and newsletters reach your subscribers and customers in a personal way by arriving in their private email inboxes. This expectation means that we would all rather receive content that matches our profiles – our interests, jobs, product purchases, and more. As a matter of fact, “seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions” according to a 2021 study from McKinsey & Company.

So how do you optimize your e-mails through personalization? Let’s dive into the subject and put our goals at generating more click-throughs and converting more readers.

What is personalization in email marketing?

First, let’s define what personalization is in the context of email marketing. Personalization involves customizing email content based on different attributes of your reader, such as location, buying history, and other brand interactions.

Personalization is a data-driven way of delivering individualized communications at scale.

Dynamic content is a powerful technique

A powerful technique to prioritize personalization in your email campaigns is through dynamic content. Dynamic content automates who receives which content to help you deliver relevant and on-point communication. As an example, if you’re sending emails with Lime Newsletter (or Automated Flows), you can control which content should appear for different segments of your audience based on your CRM data – it is as simple as setting up a filter to manage content block visibility. Your CRM data is rich with customer insights that you can use to tailor content to create messaging that resonates better with the people who are consuming it.

Lime Newsletter supports email personalization through dynamic content. Schedule a demo and take a look at all the possibilities with our powerful email marketing tool.

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Make your emails stand out

Using dynamic content in your emails helps your call-to-action or message stand out to your audience by not getting lost in a sea of email material. If you are not yet strengthening your email marketing tactics with CRM data, a great place to start is by finding an opportunity where you need to inform an audience segment about the value your organization offers. Two great occasions to explore dynamic content are with a product launch or an upcoming event! Determine who the intended audience is for these messages and what data from your CRM you need in order to narrow down your audience into that specific segment.

If you are using Lime CRM, this process will involve adjusting filters to build a targeted list. CRM data helps you create customer-centric content by providing you with the information that you need to send the right message to the right person.

With CRM you have all your insights available

For a marketer, having access to a CRM means having a world of customer insights at your fingertips. How can you make better use of your CRM to inspire personalized, data-driven communication? When email content development is driven by the needs and wants of your audience in a personalized way, email performance will improve as a result.

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