High electricity prices, inflation and increasing rates. In these troubled times, it’s vital that companies take care of their customers, and right now it’s the energy companies that find themselves in the eye of the storm.

When times are tough it’s important to be able meet your customers needs in a structured way and do great customer service. To do that, your company needs to know your customers needs and challenges. By collecting all your information in one place with the help of a CRM-system, you’ll have an easier time keeping track of everything.

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Demands on digitalization

Customer satisfaction in the energy sector has decreased lately according to a survey from SKI, and the electricity companies are the ones facing the biggest challenges from consumers. Just like many other industries and sectors, the demand for digital services have increased from customers. It’s not enough to offer just basic features, customers wants to be able to read their own electricity usage and get tips and advice on how to decrease their electricity usage among other things. Sadly, a lot of energy companies are behind on the digital revolution that’s happening around them, which leads to an increase of frustration from the customers.

The risks are rising

How do you communicate with your customers during times of crisis? According to a new study from Svenska Kraftnät, the risks of being disconnected from the power grid in Sweden have risen from low to medium probability, which could mean big challenges for electricity companies. How do you handle angry customers who feel they’ve been treated the wrong way? There’s a lot of issues that has arisen because of the current state of the world, and it’s important that you deal with the issues the right way.

With bigger risks the demand for great customer service increases. One of the biggest reasons customers leave their supplier is because they feel ignored or haven’t gotten the right information in time. That’s why it’s so important to keep in contact and have a dialog with customers when issues appear. With a solution like Lime Inform , you can communicate directly with customers when problems like for instance a blackout happens.

Better communication needs better case management

What do you do when you have a worried or upset customer? With increased electricity bills during wintertime and customers suffering potential blackouts the number of customer complaint cases increases. With better communication during blackouts, it’s even more important that you have a high level of customer case management. With case management we mean the systematic way of handling customers inquires, complaints, orders and more.

How do you improve your case management? Daily contacts means it can sometimes be hard knowing all the contacts a customer has with your company. The customer moves from customer service to social media to e-mail depending on their need, which creates a challenging environment for most organizations. With digital case management in the shape of a CRM-system it becomes easier to collect all cases under one roof, so your customer service can help not only during the first contact but also during the second, third or fourth. A CRM-system puts the case in context with the rest of the customers information, making it easier to understand where the customers pain point might be. Digital case management is the basis for a professional handling of customers.

With a digital case management system, you’ll take control of your communication with your customers the right way. Instead of having all your information spread out in several systems you’ll be able to integrate it all under one system. It means it’ll be easier to make sure your routines are in order and working as intended, which will increase your customer satisfaction in the long run. With higher quality customer care you’ll lessen the risk of customer churn because the customers cases aren’t handled the right way.

How you choose to integrate a case management system with your customer service depends on your other systems and solutions. Normally most case management systems are integrated with your e-mail, chat, telephone, homepage and invoice system. The benefits of Lime CRM is that it can be customized to fit your needs!

Be proactive instead of reactive

If you want your company to be best in class compared to your competitors, it’s important to be proactive instead of reactive. Don’t wait for issues to arise or blame circumstances outside of your control. Don’t ignore your customer complaints, they’re a great opportunity to improve your customer service and your customer communication. By starting your digital journey right now using a digital case management system you’ll be better prepared for an uncertain future.

By using a solution such as Lime CRM with the Helpdesk-addon, you’ll have a perfect solution in place in no time!

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