An intense everyday life requires support

PS Partner daily life contains an intense everyday of many meetings and a lot of people, which is to be expected in the recruitment industry. The company therefore started looking at different CRM systems and how to facilitate employees’ work processes. There were three challenges in particular that PS Partner wanted to solve:

High tempo

PS Partner works with clients who need new people in place quickly and people who want new challenges in the near future. In order to provide the service and quality expected, a system was needed to set the framework and direction.

Making the most out of information

In an industry where many people “run their company within the company”, it is a challenge to make use of valuable customer information and knowledge. PS Partner wanted to change this by using a common CRM system.

Complex projects

PS Partner offers multiple HR services and it is common for employees to work towards the same client, but with different purposes. There was a need for a system with structure and order, so that projects could go smoothly and didn’t take up unnecessary time from clients or job seekers.

“In this world, there are a lot of creative people and you need to be extremely service-oriented, which means you're a bit 'here and there'. But for it to be successful in the long run, you need to have breathing space and a base to stand on. We get that with Lime Go.”

Anna Petersson, CEO & Founder, PS Partner

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More time for creativity and customer service

PS Partner is seeing great results after starting to use Lime Go. The working environment is calmer internally and employees have more time for both creativity and customer service, which results in a higher quality when completing delivery to customers externally.

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About PS Partner

PS Partner is a long-term HR partner offering services in recruitment, headhunting, consulting, individual and team assessment & development, and employer branding. With a great deal of courage, expertise, respect and genuine commitment, PS Partner’s business consultants are dedicated to finding what you are looking for – whether it is a new challenge, new challenger or development of yourself and your business.

PS Partner currently has a turnover of approximately 45 million and 18 permanent employees and 35 consultants (2018). The company has offices in Gothenburg (head office), Stockholm and Borås.