Complex systems meant fewer deals

As a well-established debt collection company, Visma Financial Solutions had already tested several CRM and IT systems when it started looking for a new solution in 2014. The other systems had been complicated to work with and were not web-based.

Visma Financial Solutions was therefore looking for a system that was easy to use and accessible from anywhere, regardless of device.

"I was unhappy with other CRM-systems. It was to much administration around the sales work. I decided to buy one license of Lime Go. Now we use it in the entire sales organisation."

- Sebastian Hjortsberg, KAM & Partner manager, Visma Financial Solutions

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A stronger push in the business

Today, Lime Go is the basis for all sales work at Visma Financial Solutions, including integration with GetAccept and the addition of custom fields in the deals to adapt the system to their own sales process. This active and continuous work has yielded several results:

  • More time for sales activities. Lime Go includes everything a sales rep at Visma Financial Solutions need and doesn’t demand unnecessary administration.
  • Easy to push deals forward. A solid base of information makes it easy for sales reps to close more deals.
  • Clear targets for the team. In Lime Go all Sales Managers can put in targets for the sales reps and these activites are visualized which engages the entire team!
  • Quick onboarding. It doesn’t require alot of time to get a new colleague into the system – it is user-friendly and intuitive.

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About Visma Financial Solutions

Visma Financial Solutions has over 25 years of experience in receivables management in the form of reminders/collections, invoicing and factoring. With certified processors and smooth but fair handling, they help your business get paid on time.

It’s debt collection from the heart, plain and simple