Ticketing management is a shared responsibility

Efficient communication is key to building a strong relationship with your customers. Lime Helpdesk makes ticketing management within your organisation a lot easier. Share history and conversations in Lime CRM, enabling sales and marketing to connect the dots to create the ultimate customer journey.

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Selected features in Lime Helpdesk

Collect, prioritise, and assign every request in one ticketing system.

All conversations in one place

Collect conversations from every channel in Lime Helpdesk. View the case history with every call, email, submitted forms, and chat messages to provide excellent service every time.

Routing and intelligence

Take care of every request by assigning cases to individual colleagues or a team of experts. Let Lime CRM monitor selected mailboxes to automatically create tickets from incoming emails.

Use dynamic checklists

Get on top of every request, using dynamic checklists for ticketing management. Create checklists for your needs, and assign steps to individuals or teams to keep an even pace forward.

Ticket priority

Prioritising tickets according to service level agreement makes sure you leave nobody behind. Mark tickets of urgency, and they will be on top of your list.

360° view of all your customers

You are in control of all customer data presented in Lime CRM. Whenever you edit or close a request it will show up in the customer card’s history feed.

Email and document templates

Delight your customers with speedy responses, using our templates for professional feedback.

Categorise tickets

Assign categories manually or automatically in your ticketing system. Add or remove categories depending on your needs.

FAQ for customers

Let your team find the answers to common questions with an accessible FAQ. Set up suggested answers to help your team solve every request.

Visual performance overview

Follow your team's performance with a visual dashboard, highlighting important KPIs and goals.

Add some sprinkle on top

Step up your customer service with our most popular add-ons for Lime Helpdesk.

Lime Chat

Nurture your customers with speedy responses in Lime Chat. It does not matter if you are using a live chat on your website, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This add-on makes it easy to handle all incoming messages in one single inbox.

Lime Survey

Send automated surveys when a case is solved to receive feedback and measure customer satisfaction. Drag-and-drop modules make it easy to create professional, branded surveys catered to your needs.

Lime Portal

Enjoy the convenience of self-service with a customised portal. Give your customers, resellers, and employees the power to access their personal data and requests with one single login.