Create a smooth workflow in Lime CRM

Help your sales team focus and prioritise their efforts with proactive workflows in Lime CRM. By integrating every part of your sales process, you can follow up on your leads when the time is right. Notifications telling you when to take action will help you save time and stay ahead of your sales goals.

Use web forms to collect information about your prospects and build up your database over time.

With a seamless connection to your ERP, it's easy to access order information, sales statistics and invoices directly in Lime CRM.

Save important email conversations from Outlook to Lime CRM with a single click, saving you valuable time.

Track your progress with KPIs

Unlock hidden sales opportunities by tracking your progress in CRM. Highlight the most important targets, such as the number of deals closed or contracts to be signed. Defining KPIs for each sales rep and the team makes it easy to spot when someone needs extra support to boost their performance.

Let us help you get started

With over 30 years of experience, we know the challenges you face when starting to use a new CRM system. It’s about people, with a need for behavioural change and adaptation. That is why we offer workshops in change management for your managers and sales team through Lime Intenz. Our consultants will help you build a strategy and action plan to enable success from day one.

Companies enjoying smarter sales

Explore the features in Lime Sales

Collect, organise, and distribute all leads in one system.

ERP integration

Follow the sales trend of each customer by importing financial information and invoices from your ERP system.

Web forms

Add Lime Forms on your website, and reap the benefits of getting structured data about your leads straight into your CRM.

Custom dashboards

What are the most important metrics for you? Pick the modules and metrics you want to showcase on your start page.

Individual KPIs

Our KPI dashboard allows you to set targets on both the individual and team level. The visual overview makes it easy to track your progress over time.

Quotation templates

Use our Word templates to create a customised and professional quote in no time.

Outlook Add-in

Create a seamless workflow by saving important conversations and customer meetings from Outlook. Check the backlog and add reminders for your next call.

Global search

Search functionality at its best! Find what you are looking for by searching for company data, customer names, titles, deals, you name it.

Pipeline management

Push your deals forward by using pipeline management with a visual progress bar, helping you to prepare for your next move.

GDPR compliance

Lime CRM is a GDPR compliant platform. With our GDPR portal you can access, export, edit and maintain your customer data profiles in a safe and secure manner.

Smooth document workflow

Work easily with documents in CRM. Open the file in CRM and you'll go straight to Word, Excel or PowerPoint online.

Single sign-on

Manage users and sign in faster, easier and more secure with Single sign-on in Lime CRM through Azure AD or other provider.

Twist it up!

Customise your Lime Sales solution with our popular add-ons.

Lime BI

Take data-driven decisions based on business intelligence presented visually on a customised dashboard. Refine, share and let your organisation benefit from the insights collected in your CRM.

Lime Forms

Create and use dynamic web form for incoming leads and signing contracts. A seamless integration to Lime CRM gives you qualitative data to add to your customer cards.


Seal your deals the digital way. Send your documents directly from CRM, and get notified the recipient has done their part. It is the most efficient way of increasing the number of signed agreements – without all the paperwork.

ACD with Dun & Bradstreet

Instant access to information about all companies in Europe. Add company data (ACD) with Dun & Bradstreet to provide your team with up-to-date company data and insights.

Lime Newsletter

Create beautiful email newsletter and stay top of mind with your customers. Newsletters are one of the most efficient sales channels you have, providing a greater ROI than any other marketing channel.

Integrate other platforms

The technology behind Lime CRM provides a wide range of integrations with other systems, such as: HubSpot, SAP, Zapier, GetAccept and Apsis. Are you using any other platforms that you would like to integrate? We are happy to answer any questions.

Design an easier workday for your sales team

B2B sales bundle

Lime Sales

A cloud-based CRM solution

Always includes

  • ERP integration
  • Web forms
  • Individual KPIs
  • Custom dashboards
  • Quotation templates
  • Outlook Add-in
  • Global search
  • Pipeline management
  • GDPR compliance
  • Sales and CRM training with Lime Intenz