Practical follow-up of marketing activities

With Lime Go you can constantly check how your email marketing is performing. You can quickly and easily find out who has opened, clicked or unsubscribed from your mailouts . You don’t need any imports from other systems! With just a few steps, you can create a sales opportunity and assign a colleague. All designed for easy follow-up and increased repeat sales!

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Better leads with forms

Minimise administration, increase the quality of incoming leads and take control of your flows. With Lime Forms, we get straight to the point and create a direct gateway from your website to Lime Go with contact and lead forms.

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All your leads in one place.

A smart and effective lead library is all about structure. Use Lime Go to connect website visitors, forms, chat and other systems to get a “single source of truth” when it comes to lead management. You’ll see buying signals based on how hot the lead is – the hotter the lead is the more active you need to be when you’re following up!

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