Message center for easy interactions

With our unified inbox, you can manage all your customer interactions in one place, regardless of the channel they come from. This means smoother and more personalized communications across different platforms, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased consistency in your service.

While chatting, customer details like email, location, visited pages, or past conversations are readily available. Additionally, all chat data is stored in the system, providing a comprehensive overview.

Features for modern support

Integrated communication across multiple channels to maximize accessibility and convenience for both you and your customers.

Automatically translate your messages into more than 25 languages and your customer’s messages into your language. Offer global support with any team.

Each of your team members has their own inbox to focus fully on their current conversations. In addition, they can independently pick and answer requests waiting in the team inbox.

Set up canned messages for common questions. Use them as templates or send them directly. With our quick commands, you whip out the perfect answer in no time.

Easily switch from customer chats to video calls and screen sharing. Perfect for explaining complex topics or capturing a warm lead.

Customer requests can shift, sometimes you need to forward them to colleagues. Our redirect contain the entire chat history, so your customers don’t have to repeat themselves and your colleagues can directly pick up the thread.

Manage conversations in batches and stay agile even with high support volumes.

No more waiting queues or clumsy choice menus. Let customers select which department to talk to or automatically connect them to a person with the right skills.

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