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Entra’s business concept is to develop, lease and manage attractive and environmentally friendly facilities, and to practise active portfolio management (buying and selling real estate). The company’s strategy is to be the leader in customer satisfaction, delivering profitable growth and to be the main actor in the environmental work in the industry.

Entra’s strategic growth areas is the Oslo area, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim in Norway.

Starting point

In order to work according to their strategy of high customer satisfaction Entra started their customer center. Very early on they realized that there was a need for a system to handle all the support tickets that came into the customer center.

At the same time they also saw a need for a system to facilitate the process of leasing and to follow-up on customers. In order to get everything they needed in one single system they chose Lime CRM and the project started in May 2012.

Why Lime CRM?

  • Lime stood out from the crowd by being well prepared and having impressive industry knowledge.

  • It was the product and vendor that met our requirements the best.
  • Lime CRM stood out from the crowd in terms of ease of use.
  • The quickfilter (a way to search for information) is really good and used frequently.
  • It is easy to adapt Lime CRM and have the system grow with the company.
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“With Lime CRM, we have a much better customer follow-up and have become more efficient and professional. Something our customers gives us positive feedback about.”
Anne Grethe Lotsberg, Customer service manager, Entra Eiendom

Results: User-friendly and available customer information

Thanks to a list of requirements the system could easily be adapted and the result could be exactly what Entra wanted. This has made Lime CRM the main system at Entra and it is constantly being used and developed. For example, Entra themselves developed modules for managing procurements and project management. Moreover, Entra has recently begun using Lime BI to visualize all their KPI’s and get knowledge about how the company is doing in real time.

The biggest gain Entra have seen with Lime CRM is that they have accessible and user friendly information for everybody in the organization. They provide much better customer follow-up and have become more efficient and professional, as customers are now giving positive feedback about.

Want to know more?

Want to hear more about the Lime CRM solution at Entra or are you curious about what Lime CRM can do for you? Call Jonas – he knows everything about CRM and real estate companies!


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