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About the acquisition

Why is Lime acquiring Sparta?

Lime’s mission is to make companies into customer magnets. Basically, it’s about changing behaviours. With Sparta, Lime’s competence within gamification – digital tools that motivate and visually encourage changes and improvements as a team – increases. This way, our offer to the market becomes more comprehensive and we gain new, skilled co-workers.

Why was Sparta for sale?

As an individual product without integration with e.g. CRM systems, Sparta has not had the growth they had hoped for. Both Sparta and Lime believe that the joint services will give a better overall product. Lime’s solid offer and competent marketing and sales organisation will give Sparta’s solutions an opportunity to develop and expand as they deserve.

What does the future look like for Sparta?

Sparta (with the company name Hysminai AB) will cease as a separate operation and become a part of Lime. Sparta’s product for gamification becomes a completing feature to Lime’s products for CRM and sales support, but will also be available as add-on product for existing customers.

Will Sparta’s employees stay?

All employees will be offered the opportunity to become a part of the new team with a focus on gamification, starting in Lime’s Stockholm-based office. One of the huge values with the acquisition of Sparta is the competence the company possesses in gamification. This competence is with the co-workers.


For Lime’s customers

What new features will be available?

Various features, all with a connection to gamification and improved teamwork, will be released as several optional add-ons for Lime CRM and Lime Go. Exactly what they will look like and how much they will cost, will be announced in a circular letter at a later stage.

Are there any plans for new pricing models?

We will launch new pricing models for using the new features in Lime CRM and Lime Go when the integration between the systems is in place. Current price lists for each product remain.

Will the new feature be available in all Nordic countries?

Yes, that’s the plan.