Sometimes you get stuck. You are not on your budget, no response from your customers, no interesting e-mails in your inbox. It’s hard to be a salesman/a saleswoman.  But hold up now! What if you get the response that you deserve?

Don’t focus on yourself, focus on the customers

If you in an honest way engage yourself in the customer’s problems and place all of your focus into solving their problems it will show. And this will of course be to your advantage. Be helpful, attack the problems from new angels, provide tips, and share your knowledge. Most importantly; verify that you’re on track and have perceived the situation right!

Ask the smart questions and be prepared

Always make sure to ask the smartest questions in the game. There are few sales reps that prepare a battery of intelligent questions, thus running the risk of missing the point. Share your wisdom and lead the discussion into the fields that you master. Once again, it’s not about you. Once you shift focus, you become more creative and things, such as the budget, tends to work out! Put your brain where the money is!

Best of luck!

By Ola Penneryd