Poster: Improve the usage of your CRM system

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As important it is to implement CRM in the first place, it is equally important to manage, maintain and evolve your CRM project. When you have used your CRM system for a long time your might feel that you are not getting what you need from the system, and the reasons for that can be many. Maybe the users are not using vital functionality, or worse, not using it at all. Maybe your CRM system has not grown with the company or just has not evolved the way you would have wanted it to. And that is not the way we want it!

Simplicity should be a goal in both the implementation and in the management. So, how do you do that? Check our poster and get several practical tips.

Free poster - Increase the usage of your CRM system

3 reasons to download the poster

  • It’s a great reminder on how to manage your CRM and make sure that everybody is using it.
  • Nice and visual – maybe you’ll frame it and put it on the wall at your office to remind your colleagues how important CRM really is.
  • It’s free – and everyone loves free stuff.

    How Lime manages personal data

Surprise! We’ve gathered even more knowledge. And it’s free!

Download our poster - why CRM?

Why do you need a CRM system?

Why do you need a CRM system and what are the benefits? This poster will give you all the arguments you need to convince your organization that you should invest in CRM.

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Free poster to download - Succeed with your CRM project

Succeed with your CRM implementation

Check out the poster that explains how a CRM implementation is done and gathers everything you need to think about. Avoid a big bang project and have in mind that it is a marathon – not a sprint.

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Whitepaper: Succeed at CRM

Whitepaper: Succeed at CRM

What is CRM? Why is it important? What are the benefits? In our whitepaper, you get everything from reasons to invest in a CRM system to questions and checklists to work with before you start.

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