Poster: Succeed with your CRM project

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Implementing a CRM system is something that does’t have to be hard. It is done in several thousands of companies every year. Actually, when we implement CRM our customers are often up and running within two days. No matter how extensive your CRM project is, there are some things that are good to know before you dive into it. We have put together a visual checklist you can use in order to ensure that your CRM project will be a success.

At Lime we have implemented CRM systems since 1990. Since then we have gone through countless projects – both successful and less successful. We have learned what separates the successful from the mediocre results. And now we have gathered it in a visual poster. Easy to read, easy to learn and nice to frame and put on your wall. You are welcome!

Free poster to download - Succeed with your CRM project

3 reasons to download the poster

  • It’s a great checklist to make sure your CRM implementation will be succesful.
  • It’s pretty and visual – maybe you’ll frame it and put it up at your office?
  • It’s free – and everyone loves free stuff.

    How Lime manages personal data

Surprise! We’ve gathered even more knowledge. And it’s free!

Download our poster - why CRM?

Why do you need a CRM system?

Why do you need a CRM system and what are the benefits? This poster will give you all the arguments you need to convince your organization that you should invest in CRM.

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Free poster - Increase the usage of your CRM system

Manage your CRM system and increase usage

To educate your users and to develop plan for your CRM system might seem given. But how do you do that? And in what order?

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Whitepaper: Succeed at CRM

Whitepaper: Succeed with CRM

What is CRM? Why is it important? What are the benefits? In our whitepaper, you get everything from reasons to invest in a CRM system and questions and checklists to work with before you start.

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