Add-ons for marketers

When different marketing tools don’t sync with each other, the workflow becomes anything but smooth. We have developed solutions that together become stronger and your marketing campaigns even better.

All features in one place

Regardless of whether you need to send an email or SMS, create a landing page or customer survey, you can collect all necessary tools in one system.

Create long-term customer relationships

Great communication is about great customer care. Automate send-outs, avoid manual work, and give customers a personalized experience every time.

Decisions based on data

How was the last send-out? Who registered for your latest event? Follow up and analyze the results directly and use the data to optimize mailings and convert more.

Create visual and measurable mailings

Did you know that, based on research, email is the sales channel that generates the highest ROI? Use Lime Newsletter to create visual and measurable mailings based on existing customer data.

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Boost your marketing activities

Why not facilitate your events with an event tool? Lime Event is the natural extension of Lime CRM and Newsletter, for you who want to be able to segment your audience, create invitations and collect registrations in the same loop.

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The power of marketing automation

By automating mailings that you have created in the Lime Newsletter, you can work more proactively and create unique experiences for each customer, lead and contact. Engage with existing and potential customers to create more personalized customer experiences. Automatically.

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