Custom dashboards

You can create your own dashboards based upon whatever is relevant for you. This can mean for the entire company, or specific departments and customers.

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Keep your finger on the pulse

Regardless of whether you are the CEO, Sales Manager or Marketing Manager, you will realise the huge benefit of working with Lime BI. In a decision-making role, you will always be up to date on how you and your team are performing. You can read below about how Lime BI is used in various roles.

Sales Manager

Support Manager

Marketing Manager

Why Lime BI?


Analyse data easily! With Lime BI, you get precisely the facts you want, presented in a straightforward and clear manner.

Better decisions

Most will probably agree that the best decisions made are based on facts, not assumptions. Lime BI helps you keep track of the influential figures, so you can identify where your efforts need to be directed.

Better follow-up

What did it look like last month? What does it look like now? With visual dashboards, you can easily follow up and see the result of the various changes you have made.

How Lime BI works

  • Ask questions – Lime BI is connected to Lime CRM, making it possible to query data in CRM.
  • Visualize – The query can be visualized in a variety of ways and saved as widgets.
  • Find answers – With your selected widgets, you can create unique dashboards that can be displayed in Lime CRM, on the intranet, or why not on TV screens in the office?
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