Pick and choose as you like

Marketing automation is a wide-reaching field with some systems being based on highly advanced technology. We love to keep things simple – so you can select you own tools.

  • Newsletter and email marketing
  • Event invitations
  • Transactional emails
  • SMS mailings
  • Questionnaires and customer surveys
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Why Lime CRM and Newsletter?

Talk to the right people

To create segmented recipient lists are easy thanks to the data in Lime CRM. Make a selection based on for example customer status, geographical factors or participation at an earlier event - and reach exactly the people you want to.

Sell more!

Studies show that email are the most popular channel to receive information. It has also been shown to be the channel with the highest ROI. With Newsletter you create informative and selling emails in just a few seconds.

Measure and analyze

The results from your campaigns and transferred straight into Lime CRM, without you having to lift a finger. Easily follow up which recipients have opened the email and where they have clicked. Save time and simplify your analytical work.

Efficient communication with Lime Newsletter

Build strong relationships using personalised email mailings, newsletters and campaigns targeted to different target groups. Perform segmentation, production and analysis in one streamlined workflow. This is an example of a sales campaign:

  1. You want to inform existing customers about a new service and thus set up a marketing activity as an email campaign in Lime CRM.
  2. Perhaps your target group is made up of A-customers who have purchased another specific service in the past and who are based in Southern Sweden. You do a segmentation of your customers in Lime CRM and add them as participants in the marketing activity.
  3. You create some neat mailing content with drag-and-drop using the mailing tool and select your settings. You will find your Lime-campaign and the recipients you have selected under mailing lists.
  4. Once the mailing has been sent, it’s easy to open up the campaign in Lime CRM and see which recipients have opened and clicked on the mail.
  5. You may want to send another email to the people who didn’t open the first one. That’s easily done! Lime CRM synchronises and collects all mailing statistics for a specific campaign.
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Automate using transactional emails

Send confirmations, materials and information in an automated and professional manner using transactional emails. Start saving time today!

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Want to create a successful event? Get Lime Event!

The Event add-on in Newsletter makes it easy to create neat pages for registrations to your event. Needless to say, you can see the list of participants directly in Lime CRM! Like this:

  1. Let’s say you are creating a marketing activity for a “Breakfast seminar” in Lime CRM and add the participants you’d like to invite.
  2. Use Lime Event to create a registration page and send out the invitation to the participants.
  3. Participants register via the registration page.
  4. Use Lime CRM to monitor who has registered and who hasn’t, including any submitted dietary preferences and other questions submitted on the event page.
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The Add on Lime Newsletter used in mobile

Get personal with SMS mailings

Send out important information, reminders and invitations straight to your recipients using SMS mailings. Contact us and we will tell you more about SMS campaigns.

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Use surveys to collect opinions and information

Stay on top of what happens in the market by effectively collecting information using various questionnaires and surveys. Simply collect your query responses.

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