Current company information

With information about thousands of companies and their decision makers already uploaded in Lime Go, you don’t have to waste time searching and compiling contact information in Excel.

  • Net sales, income and other financial information
  • Company facts such as number of employees, industry, business structure and more.
  • Visitor address, regional area and other geographic information.
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Practical call lists

Compile potential customers in different call lists, including all contact details. Fast to create, simple to work through and easy to evaluate.

  • Filter out relevant segments based on company information
  • Compile up to 250 potential customers in each list
  • View status and outcome (yes/no/park/to call) in visual graphs.
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Automating and integrations

Use twin matching for prospecting

Contact companies that are similar to your best customers. Simply enter the name of a dream customer and Lime Go will automatically compile a call list with matching companies!

Buying signals and recommendations

Hot or not? Lime Go knows! Buying signals from different companies – such as website visits and clicks on newsletters – are compiled and provide you with quick insights into your prospects.

Find customers via Google Maps

Forget about tortuous copy/paste of street names and building numbers! Google Maps is integrated into Lime Go and displays each company’s address in a clear map image.

Add credit ratings from Bisnode

Add an integration to Bisnode and access the credit ratings for your potential customers. Credit ratings are automatically updated and can be used for filtering of call lists.

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