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About the Acquisition

Why are Lundalogik acquiring NetOptions?

With NetOptions, Lundalogik’s expertise in e-marketing grows and the number of competent co-worker increases. Our offer to the market will be more comprehensive and will now also include tools and methods for measurable digital communication, in addition to sales and CRM.

Why are NetOptions sold to Lundalogik?

As partners in the business, Lundalogik and NetOptions have created smart package solutions for many years, and on many levels we have the same target for our businesses. NetOptions have awesome products, but haven’t really had the growth the owners were hoping for in the last years. Lundalogik’s strong offer and competent marketing and sales organisation, will give NetOptions’ solutions the option to expand as much as they deserve.

Will Lundalogik acquire 100% of the business?


Who founded NetOptions?

NetOptions was founded in 2003 by the current Chairman of the Board Ola Gravenfors, MD Daniel Strömer and customer developer Jan Ekström, among others.

Who are NetOptions previous owners?

Main owner Ola Gravenfors (member of the Board) and Daniel Strömer (MD) and seven other people with close relationship to the company.

Who are the owners of Lundalogik?

80% of Lundalogik is owned by the investment company Monterro. 20% is owned by the Board of Directors.

Who acquires NetOptions?

Lundalogik AB makes the acquisition.

What does NetOptions’ future look like?

NetOptions will cease to exist as an independent company and become a part of Lundalogik. All employees will be offered an opportunity to be part of the new “Lime Marketing” team starting up at Lundalogik’s office in Gothenburg. NetOptions’ product portfolio BizWizard will be an addition to Lundalogik’s products for CRM and sales support, but will also be available as a separate product for existing customers.

Is this Lundalogik’s first acquisition?

No. In January this year, Lundalogik acquired the software company RemoteX.

Does this mean that Lundalogik will release new software products soon?

Not in this case. However, NetOptions’ product portfolio BizWizard will be integrated add-on services to Lundalogik’s exisiting product range. BizWizard will also remain as separate products for existing customers.

Will Lundalogik make more acquisitions in the future?

Lundalogik’s overall strategy is organic growth. We are always on the look-out for new, exciting opportunities to expand our expertise

How many employees do NetOptions have?

6 people, including the current MD Daniel Strömer.

How many employees do Lundalogik have?

216 people.

Will NetOptions’ employees stay?

Our ambition is to retain everyone. One of the huge values with the acquisition of NetOptions is the expertise the company have in digital marketing. This expertise lies with the employees.

What is NetOptions’ turnover?

Approximately 10 million SEK in 2017.

What is Lundalogik’s turnover?

Approximately 206 million SEK in 2017.

Do Lundalogik expect the total turnover to increase with the acquisition of NetOptions?

With Lundalogik’s muscles and solid establishment in the Nordic region, there is a great potential for NetOptions’ offer in digital marketing to grown and thus contribute to increasing the total turnover of Lundalogik.

What are Lundalogik’s plans for the future?

We have a continued focus on growing in the Nordics. At the same time, we are looking in to the options of expanding to other markets. As a fast-growing company, recruitment is always a focal point and the big challenge is to find sufficient number of competent co-workers.

How much did Lundalogik pay for NetOptions?

Both parties are happy with the deal. However, we will not comment on the price of the acquisition.

10 fast facts about the companies

Lundalogik Netoptions
Business idea To create customer magnets.We will become the leading supplier of CRM in the Nordics by making our users’ working day easier and more fun. All this thanks to CRM (Customer Relationship Management). To make life easier for the marketer. We develop digital marketing that can help businesses and organisations to create relationships with customers as well as new and more deals.
Product suite Lime CRM – customised CRM, Lime Go – sales tool, Lime Easy – simpler CRM, Lime Field – mobile case management BizWizard E-mail
BizWizard Feedbak
BizWizard Event
BizWizard SMS
Founded In 1990, in a basement, by the math geniuses Joakim Bengtson, Magnus Egelberg and Lars Sigebo. 2003 by current Chairman of the Board Ola Gravenfors and MD Daniel Strömer, among others.
Employees 216 6
CEO Erik Syrén Daniel Strömer
Office Lund (head office), Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. Gothenburg and Stockholm
Owners Monterro (80 %), the management team of Lundalogik (20%) Main owner Ola Gravenfors and Daniel Strömer and 7 other people with close relationship to the company.
Revenue 2017 Approx. 206 Mkr Approx. 10 Mkr
Number of customers/users Approx. 4200 Approx, 160
Web site

I use both BizWizard and Lime, how does this affect me?

If you have a connection between BizWizard and Lime CRM, you don’t have to do anything, everything will work like it has previously. But if you don’t have a connection, this will be standard in Lime CRM.

Will the acquisition affect me as existing BizWizard customer?

We are sure this will be a positive change for BizWizard’s customers. With a larger organisation, we will have the muscles to become even better at supporting our customers and develop our service.

Who should I contact if I have support issues regarding BizWizard?

You contact NetOptions, just like previously.

Who should I contact if I want to talk to the account manager for existing BizWizard customers?

You call the same person you have been in touch with before.

How will my BizWizard contract with NetOptions be affected?

We have no plans to amend these, but for practical reasons, we will review the administration.

Will BizWizard be available in all Nordic countries?

BizWizard as separate product is only available on the Swedish market, but we will continue to translate the tools so they can be integrated with our existing products – in all the Nordics!

Will BizWizard’s services be sold both as a separate product and as an integrated part of Lundalogik’s products?

Our primary goal is to, as soon as possible, integrate e-mail marketing, SMS notifications, customer surveys and event invitations as standard functions in our CRM systems. BizWizard as separate product will still be available for existing customers.

Are there any new pricing models planned? Will BizWizard and Lime still cost the same?

We will launch new pricing models to use the new marketing functions in Lime CRM and Lime Go during the autumn. Existing price lists for each product remain unchanged. Contact us for further information.

Who am I calling for support issues regarding Lime?

You continue to contact Lundalogik, just like before.

I have a connection to APSIS Pro. Will it be replaced by BizWizard?

We will continue to collaborate with APSIS and the connection will still be available.

What product types do Lundalogik offer? Something to suit us?

Lundalogik is one of the Nordic’s largest CRM providers. We have four products in our application suite:

  • Lime CRM – customised CRM system for your requirements, can literally do what you want.
  • Lime Go – a tool created to simplify sales, and nothing else.
  • Lime Easy – user-friendly, simple but complete CRM system
  • Lime Field – mobile case management in one, single place – wherever you want

With an integration to Lundalogik’s CRM system, you collect all information about customers in one, single place. It helps you become even better at customer management, sales and marketing strategies.

What product types do NetOptions offer? Something to suit us?

BizWizard aim to streamline businesses’ digital marketing and reach the desired outcome via e-mails, SMS notifications, surveys and event managements. Thus the efforts to reach new customers, strengthen existing customer relationships and create customer loyalty are simplified. With focus on user-friendliness, you can quickly get started, whether you have many years of experience or are new to the industry.

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