Lundalogik acquires RemoteX – FAQ


Why is Lundalogik acquiring RemoteX?
Through the acquisition, Lundalogik will grow in terms of expertise, the product portfolio will become more attractive and the number of team members with knowledge and experience will grow.

Our offer to the market is now more complete with products for mobile case management, in addition to sales and CRM.

Why are RemoteX being sold to Lundalogik?
For some years now, RemoteX has not had the intended growth. Therefore, one have been looking for buyers with a good organization for sales and marketing, in order to give the product the opportunity that it deserves.

Is Lundalogik buying 100 % of RemoteX?

What does the future of RemoteX look like?
There is a great potential in both product and staff. The ambition is that both companies will complement each other’s expertise and offerings. Exactly how RemoteX and Lundalogik will be integrated is yet to be decided.

Both companies’ staff in Stockholm will move into a new joint office in May 2017 and will be working as a team. The number of employees, all offices (Lund, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki) included, will be around 200 people.

Is this the first acquisition for Lundalogik?

Does this mean that Lundalogik will release new software soon?
No. However, the RemoteX mobile solution will be part of the Lundalogik product suite and will also remain as a separate product.

Will Lundalogik make any further acquisitions in the future?
The overall strategy of Lundalogik is organic growth. We are always keeping our eyes open for new and exciting opportunities to grow in terms of expertise.

What does the future of Lundalogik look like?
Lundalogik will continue to focus on growth in the Nordic region. At the same time, we investigate opportunities to expand into other markets. As a fast-growing company, recruiting is always in focus and one of the big challenges is to find enough skilled employees.

How much did Lundalogik pay for RemoteX?
According to the contract, the purchase price is confidential.

10 fast facts about the companies

Lundalogik RemoteX
Business idea o create customer magnets.We will become the leading supplier of CRM in the Nordics by making our users’ working day easier and more fun. All this thanks to CRM (Customer Relationship Management). To automate work orders, time and material management. Always with a focus on simplicity, speed and mobility.
Product suite Lime Easy – basic CRM, Lime Go – CRM for salespeople, Lime CRM – customized CRM. RemoteX – Sweden’s most popular mobile work order system.
Founded In 1990, in a basement, by the math geniuses Joakim Bengtson, Magnus Egelberg and Lars Sigebo. 2001 by the engineer Conny Leo Berghald.
Employees 180 15
CEO Erik Syrén Åsa Holmström
Office Lund (head office), Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. Nacka
Owners Monterro (80 %), the management team of Lundalogik (20%) Conny Leo Berghald (39 %), Stefan Oldgren (26 %), Xetomer AB (28 %). The remaining parts are divided between 12 persons.
Revenue 2016 Approx. 161 Mkr Approx. 21 Mkr
Number of customers/users Approx. 6 000/50 000 Approx, 145/4 000.
Web site

As an existing RemoteX customer, will the acquisition affect me?
We believe this is positive for the RemoteX customers. With a bigger organization we will have the strength to take even better care of our customers.

Will the RemoteX product be sold both separately and as an integrated part of other Lime products?
So far, this is the plan. We will be working on how to make our products work really well together.

Are there any new price models planned? Will RemoteX and Lime still cost the same?
Until we know exactly how the products will work together, the prices will stay the same.

Will RemoteX and Lime be integrated into the Lime product portfolio? If yes, how?
Together, we will try to achieve the best possible opportunities in the future. How to proceed with the portfolio will be discussed.

Will RemoteX be available in all Nordic countries?
Remote is already available in all Nordic countries, and can easily be translated to more.

What kind product does RemoteX provide? Is it something for me?
RemoteX is a field service management system for automating work orders, time and materials etc. with a focus on simplicity, speed and mobility. The company’s goal is to help field service businesses to reduce administrative costs, streamline their work processes and get better control of their business.

The RemoteX platform is designed to operate stand-alone or as an integrated complement to existing systems. The cloud service works equally well on a computer, tablet or phone.

What kind product does Lundalogik provide? Is it something for me?
Lundalogik is a CRM system supplier. It contains three products:
– Lime Go – a tool created to simplify sales and nothing else
– Lime Easy – user friendly, simple yet complete CRM system
– Lime CRM – tailored CRM system to your needs, can literally do anything you want

We handle work orders in Lime, is this supposed to be replaced by RemoteX?
RemoteX does not replace Lime. However, it is a great complement if you have colleagues handling work orders in the field. We would like to say it’s match made in heaven! 🙂

I use both RemoteX and Lime, how will this affect me?
To start with, nothing will change for our customers. Eventually though, we believe you will notice the benefits of our cooperation. When we have any news, you can be sure that you will learn about them quickly.

I am a RemoteX customer, will my products be replaced by Lime?
Lime does not replace RemoteX. However, it is a really good complement if you need a tool to simplify your sales and/or a more powerful CRM solution. Please contact us if you want to know more.

Who do I call if I have questions regarding RemoteX support?
You contact RemoteX, just like today.

Who do I call if I have questions regarding Lime?
You contact Lundalogik, just like today.

I am a RemoteX user, who do I call if I want to talk to my account manager?
Please contact the same person, on the same telephone number/e-mail address as you have done up until today. We’re happy to talk to you!

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