This week Lundalogik was awarded the 2015 Competensum prize. The prize is handed out by Competensum and awarded to the organization in Skåne, Sweden, who demonstrated the value of active competency work. The justification for the award of this year’s Competensum prize reads:

“With the skills and sense of culture, Lundalogik has built a winning organization that today is the market leader. Lundalogik is a role model of its competency-based approach, where one is constantly testing new ways to find and develop the right skills.

Culture is filled with the belief that the people are the success factors, that anyone with drive and commitment can grow. Lundalogik sees a potential star in every employee, and with the emphasis on the team gives the employees the responsibility for Lundalogik’s development. The result of the long-term competence work is an activity that is characterized by constant growth and strong profitability.”

The purpose of Competensum prize is to highlight a role model in the private sector or the public sector in Skåne. The criterias are:

  • Is a role model and source of inspiration in their field,
  • Work consciously on long-term basis to develop their employees and their expertise.
  • Have been able to see the connection between their work competence and their financial success

Read more about Competensum (in Swedish) here »