Lund, 1st of June: Lundalogik changes their branding strategy and becomes Lime by Lundalogik. A new brand, new logo and an all new profile facilitates international expansion.

The Lund based company Lundalogik was founded in 1990, the profile has stayed the same ever since. But, with international expansion in focus and a lot of new talents joining the company they can wait no longer, they need a new profile, according to Erik Syrén, CEO at Lundalogik.

”We have a very strong focus on international expansion at the moment – in order to succeed we need a positive and modern profile. Our new profile that reflects our mission to create customer magnets and to become market leaders within CRM, also outside of Sweden”.

Lundalogik’s existing logo and profile does not reflect the company Lundalogik is today. Jennie Isberg, Marketing Manager, explains:

Potential recruits have told us that our logotype is perceived as something from the 90’s, which is true. It’s about time that we will be perceived for what we are: one of the fastest growing young companies in the region. We are certain that the new profile will ease our challenge to find the 40 new colleagues needed (only) this year.”

Lime has been the brand for Lundalogik’s three CRM systems

(customer relationship management) for a long time. With 50 000 users, Lime is a strong brand also outside Sweden. Therefore, it was a natural step to keep and enhance the focus on the brand Lime. Increasing a focus on Lime, Lundalogik have also decided to change the name of the product LIME Pro in to Lime CRM. Jennie Isberg again:

”We’ve wanted a self-explanatory name for our product for a long time. CRM is an established term that will help boost marketing and growth.”

As with everything else on Lundalogik they have chosen to let the in-house agency take care of the complete rebranding project:

”Many companies our size probably would have turned to a major branding bureau to get help. Our philosophy is and always have been to do everything on our own. Since we did it ourselves, I think we are even more proud of the result, says Jennie.