A new version is here – check out Lime Easy 9.5!

We are proud to present our new version of Lime Easy! Check out our top three new features that makes your work even easier.

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Move documents between companies and projects

With just a few clicks you can now move multiple documents between companies or projects. Maybe you’ve created a duplicate of a company and the last thing you want to do is to upload each document again? The scenarios are many, and the solution is finally here! Best of all? It’s super easy! Just do like this:

  • Open the document window on a company or project card
  • Mark the documents you want to move
  • Click on More > Move document(s)…
  • Choose what company/project you want to move the document to, and then click OK
  • Done!


Inactivate persons

Have one of your customers´ employees quit their job? Instead of deleting that person in Lime Easy, you can finally choose to inactivate them. In this way, the person is still connected to the company in Lime Easy, you can see their contact details and related history notes. However, the person will not show up as a selectable option, for example when you create a new reminder and want to select a contact.


Mass update reminders to specific start and end time.

You can now select the exact start and end dates for multiple reminders. For example, if you are going away on vacation and want to push all your reminders forward to the date you come back, you can now do that.


More improvements

Want to know more details about what has happened in Lime Easy 9.5? Download our PDF where we have listed all the release notes!

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