Delivering a continuous CRM service is what we do and have done for 30 years. Given the outbreak of covid-19 (corona), we would like to share our contingency plans in order to secure operations of your Lime software.


Increased readiness

Lime takes this situation very seriously and has reviewed and updated our contingency plans for the last days and weeks. We have activated a group that continuously monitors the situation and we are ready to act in order to secure operations. As always, we have processes, routines and teams in place in order to ensure an uninterrupted delivery of our services.


Actions until today

  • Lime has established general rules for all employees on how to avoid infection. The rules are in line with the recommendations of the Public Health Services in the Nordics.
  • All employees are instructed to stay at home in case of a suspected or confirmed infection.
  • All employees are instructed to daily take home the equipment needed in order to be able to work from home if the need arises.
  • Lime has limited our travel and face to face meetings in favor of online activities.
  • When needed, we have a dialogue with our key subcontractors in order to secure their services.


In case of an escalated situation

  • If the situation escalates our executive team will function as our crisis management team and conduct daily online meetings to be able to act swiftly to secure operations.
  • Lime has planned for several types of escalated scenarios. If needed, we are ready to enforce actions in order to maintain operations.


Further information

We will do our utmost to secure operations, also in case of an emergency. If the situation escalates or rapidly changes, we will inform you as soon as possible. Information regarding this will be posted on our webpage.


Thank you for your attention!