Let me first bring you the bad news, fact is, that very few businesses are truly one of a kind – I mean, just have a look around you; how many clothing stores, accounting houses and plumbers are really that unique? Now is a good time to look in the mirror 😉

Far too often, we salespeople tend to fall head over heels in love with our product or service and thereby forget that it is ultimately the customer’s needs, and not our own, that we must satisfy. Hence, we need to figure out and understand what it is that really motivates our customers buying decision.

..Some days ago I was at a customer meeting, and in my opinion it went really well – we discussed all the pains and needs of my customer and I felt that my product was the truthfully the solution to the problem. At the end of the meeting, I asked him what else would be important for him when deciding on which supplier he would buy from, he then revealed that he wanted a supplier that would not see him as a “small account”, however, he did not want to be the “biggest account” either. In other words, he was looking for a supplier that would see him as a significant customer, not just “another fish in the sea”.

We must continuously remember that prices are never the single reason people buy. Therefore, you have to look for other sales features that addresses the customer’s needs and accordingly build your sales arguments around that feature. Positively you will discover that winning the customer over is not just about having a unique product or service; it’s ultimately about making your product or service stick out – even if you find yourself in a crowded marketplace with what your customer could perceive as similar offerings.