How do you represent your company?

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A while ago, my colleague Jennie Isberg made a blog post (in Swedish) about thinking of your brand when it comes to choosing a phone, a computer, clothes or a car. I find that very interesting and therefor I continue to write on the topic.

Foolish driver means foolish supplier. Or does it…?

Everything we do represent the company we are working at. This may involve driving a company car, eating lunch on a restaurant with colleagues, posting stuff on social medias, etc.

Like so many others I commute to work. On the roads I see many company branded cars. When I see a company name on cars that repeatedly violate the rules of the road, I wonder how reliable they are as suppliers. Unfortunately, I’m not alone in questioning or even judging people and businesses based on individual events. If you behave badly, other people remember it. If you have bad luck, they aslo remember which company you are working at. A good reputation often takes years to build, but can be damaged in a minute.

Corporate culture leads the way

For companies, it is obviously a hot tip to go through its corporate culture every now and then. Do you have a culture that is consistent with how you wish to appear outwardly? Do you employ coworkers that already stands for or are willing to embrace the culture and feeling you want to convey? Everyone should not be cast in one mold. We don’t want robots. But everyone must know the direction of the company, and everyone must understand that unfortunately it costs a lot for a company if it’s staff depart too much from that direction.

“Many people actively seek out strong corporate cultures and values, precisely because they are clear. You can judge for yourself if you fit in. You know the rules and what to expect – which in turn means security. Security is a basic need. ” – Stefan Saidac “How to create a profitable enterprise” in CFO World.

Good things tend to go hand in hand. If you are a happy coworker you are most likely to do a better job – and there is also a very good chance that you are a great ambassador for your company.

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