Close to all qualified sales is about creating a long-term relation with the customer. The longer the customer stays with us, the more profitable they will be for us. That’s why it isn’t important to always maximize your first deal with the customer. Instead, try to see the customers´ expected lifetime value.

Offer a smaller decision

One of the closing techniques I use could be called “smallest decision”. This is a technique that is perhaps best suited for customers with a large future potential. It is simply about making the customer make a smaller initial buying decision, e.g. through a test sample or by starting off in a smaller extent than what was originally planned. The buying decision will be easier for the customer to make since they don’t have to make that big final decision (which so many fear!).

And now… just keep what you’ve promised

Once they committed to something it’s up to us as their supplier to prove that we’re a trustworthy partner that keeps our promises. If we do this, the relation to the customer will develop and we will have plenty of opportunities to make larger deals with the customer in the future!

By Jens Dovander, Lime