As a Lime user, customer, partner or straight up fan you may have noticed the year of 2021 has been the year of product news. Not only talking about anticipated updates in our collection of must-have-features, but also celebrating the release of a handful of in-house, brand new add-ons for your solution.  Did you catch all the happenings during the year? No worries, in this article, we summarize the product development at Lime in 2021, and walk you through some of the highlights you’d want to be aware of!

Product launches

Lime eSign

One of this years early shabangs, was releasing our own e-signature add-on back in March. The Lime eSign soon flew off the shelfs, as it provides an easy, functional way of digitalizing that last step in the sales process for many of our customers who not yet had taken the leap. The product has since been kitted with additional signing methods as BankID and NemID.

Lime Work Order

The entrance of our long-anticipated, updated Work Order solution happened this summer! For many, Lime field has been the trusted, beloved flow for connecting the dots between office and field work, however it was time for an update. Lime Work Order is a modern set of features and functions that smoothens your day-to-day planning and operations of maintenance and service. Naturally, seamlessly merged into your Lime CRM solution to function with all your data as the fundament.

Automated Flows

The future has arrived and your workflows can be automated! Marketing and sales reps all over the Lime-map are probably first in line to cheer for this release, but fact is a wide range of roles can benefit from a bit of automation technology. This drop is a series of features combined with add-ons, as Newsletter, that makes it possible to enhance your customer’s experience.

ACD instead of One by one

Not all releases are a party on their own, still they are low-key heroes for your CRM-success. This was the year we upgraded one of our fundament, One by one, to Add Company Data (ACD). This provides the opportunity to import data from a wider range of suppliers, and the process of searching for companies in Lime CRM should now be even more neat. Check out some of our new integration-partners further down!

Updates of functions and features

Although we love our brand-new launches, equally important is taking care of what we’ve already got to ensure our entire repertoire runs smoothly. Naturally, our fundament, the flagship, Lime CRM has received a fair amount of love from our developers. This resulted in, among other things, a new design of the Lime CRM Webclient to make it even more contemporary and user friendly. Further, here are some other news regarding our existing products:

  • Lime BI available in cloud
  • Improved column filtering in Lime CRM
  • Updated functionality in ERP add-on

Updates in Lime Go

There is another proud member of the Lime product family that deserves a shout-out on its own; Lime Go! In 2021, this popular sales tool had a total makeover and was re-released with a new design and add-ons to offer some powerful functions that have proved successful in Lime CRM. Some of the news are:

  • Kanban view, to visualize your sales process
  • Forms, to connect your website with Lime Go and collect leads directly in the system
  • Activity view with a visual calendar view, see to-dos and avoid double booking
  • Insights for ongoing deals to understand the pipe values and time spent
  • Insights for won deals to see win rate per company and employee
  • Improved newsletter add-on to get 10 send-out templates
  • A more adaptable start page and a better overview

Integrations and partnerships

We are stronger together. Lime CRM and Lime Go are platforms for integrating your favorite systems, have them talk to each other and work in symbiosis. Therefore, we are much proud of having released a bunch of new collaborations with external partners this year, improving our offer to our customers to choose what suppliers best fit their needs.

Additional providers of company data

  • Creditsafe
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Proff
  • Checkbiz
  • Brønnøysundregistren

Support for local ERP suppliers

  • Uniconta
  • Tripletex
  • Exact Online
  • Visma Global
  • Visma Nova

Collect leads in Lime CRM

  • Leadinfo

New e-signing and identification solutions

  • Verified
  • BankID
  • NemID

A peek at 2022

One of our proudest and most exciting moments of 2021 was acquiring Userlike and initiating collaboration with their innovative team. Not only has this introduced us to the German market; the software itself will introduce our customers to the benefits of live chat. Expect great news in 2022, as this as well as other products from Lime Group will continue to roll out. For now, we wish you a happy new year and thank you for being with us!

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