Talk to the customer with the customer’s language

2018-02-05T16:46:01+01:009 December, 2014|CRM, Sales|

Q4 starts coming to an end, and the other day we ended our most intensive period of exhibitions and mingles. To participate in business exhibitions and mingles is not only a rewarding for us sales people as we meet new people, but also a perfect opportunity to exercise in perfecting your answer to the question: What is your unique selling point?

Part of my answer to that question is that Lime are Nordic CRM experts … However, after having met with hundreds of prospects and customers, I can conclude that CRM and other abbreviations always has be clarified. It is easy to assume that others understand the abbreviations you and your business use every day. But the truth is rather that abbreviations often creates confusion and misunderstanding. How do we ensure that the information we give not only reach out but is also perceived in the same way we relate?

  • Take responsibility: You set the prerequisites for communication with the customer, so that you really understand their needs and that the customer is safe in the understanding of what you can deliver.
  • Ask questions: Abbreviations are not used all industries and the same abbreviation may be different in different industries. Dare to ask questions when you don’t understand and take the time to clarify what the customer might misunderstand. It will save you time in the sales process and help you win the customers trust. And you are one step closer in the deal.
  • Avoid the hassle – Keep It Simple Stupid: Always strive to simplify the situation for the customer, and yourself.

End the year strong, think an extra minute in the use of abbreviations and be sure to use CRM to its full functionality. Because in the end, it is you that controls your company’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)😉

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