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Are You World-Class Material?

Great. We are constantly on the lookout for new talents in development, sales,
application consulting and project management.

Have look at our trainee program

A role where you get to grow

Our corporate culture is widely known and we are very proud of this. We have mandatory three o’clock coffee, go on exciting trips, are inspired by each other, and we are always looking for wonderful and passionate talents for our development, consultant and sales team. Have a look and see if you find something that would suit you, or apply for our trainee program.

Kick-start your career as Trainee

With our training program, Nordic Trainee Program, as your base, and challenging projects, we guarantee that you will have a steep development curve. A senior coworker will be your mentor and provide you with guidance and support during the program. A brilliant start to your career, really!

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A workplace to long for

We don’t believe that a workplace is just an office where we go to perform work tasks. We believe it should be so much more than that.


Development, sales, implementation, training, support… We have everything in house! This means we work across boundaries – you can be part of influencing the big picture. Above all, it means that you work right in the middle of a pool of knowledge. Learn everything you didn’t know that you wanted to know!

 Awesome perks

Three o’clock coffee with the developer; bonus trip with marketing people; work-out with the deputy MD during the lunch break or work on the train up to Stockholm before the long-weekend where you left the office early thanks to flex time. Our goal is that you’ll never have Monday Morning Blues and the only thing we are dead serious about is our customers.


We are a rapidly growing company and this means that there are constantly new opportunities opening up. We believe in you! We are not necessarily looking for a 40+ someone in a suit; what we want is someone who is good at what they do. If you are a project manager, management material or a recruitment pro, own it!

Flat organisation

We only employ people who are as good or better than we are. It would therefore seem stupid if not everyone had the chance to be heard and have influence. If you have a great idea -– spill the beans at the three o’clock coffee with the boss! It could be our next brilliant move with you as our project manager.

Would you like to become one of us?

We are always interested in meeting driven and passionate people with a huge interest in technology. If it sounds like you, you are welcome to send us your CV. Our available positions are currently these…

Senior Web Developer (frontend/full stack)

Are you a web developer with stunning Javascript knowledge and experience in building complex single page applications? Are you looking for freedom, responsibility and opportunities to learn on the job? Then come join us to work on Lime CRM, our flexible application framework for helping companies make a lasting impression on their customers (Lund)!

Software Developer Trainee

Are you about to get that degree in computer science or similar that you have spent the past few years learning? Or have learned everything you need to know by yourself? Want to get on the fast track to the Real World™? We try to bridge the gap between school and reality and give your career an awesome boost during your first year (Lund)!

Senior .NET developer

Do you like good code? Want to shape the future for a brand new, agile dev team? We are setting up a new team in Gothenburg that will focus on building and integrating the next generation of marketing automation!

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A glimpse of our everyday life

Our co-workers are not only diligent at work but also on social media. If you want to know what everyday life at Lime is like, check us out on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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