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Company information in one place for smarter prospecting

How many places do you usually look to collect information about new potential customers? Probably far too many. And just because your inner Sherlock is able to solve the puzzle, it doesn’t mean that you, as a sales rep should waste your time and energy there.

Instead, collect all your customer data in one place and find exactly what you need with a quick search. Easily filter out your most interesting customers based on criteria such as turnover, number of employees or geographical location. Use your search result to create a calling list or email campaign to target the right stakeholders of your potential customers.

With that said, you will need to complement the company data in your CRM software to get a more nuanced picture of your customers. Numbers can say a lot, but not everything. When you visit a customer’s website or social media, you can learn a lot about their core values, interests and priorities. You collect clues that help you understand the challenges your customer is facing and become a better salesperson at the same time.

What is company data?

Company data is a structured type of information. For example, it can describe a companies corporate structure, number of employees, turnover, profit, and credit score. Addresses and other contact information is also of high value – especially when you want to come in contact with the right decision maker for the business opportunity that you are about to pitch.

Check companies in real time

The finances in a company can change rapidly. Especially when the world is going through a quick change and there is an uncertainty in the market. So how do you know which companies are ready and mature enough for your offer?

With an updated company registry, you can find information such as:

  • New financial statements and numbers
  • Change of address
  • Change of company name
  • Growth based on sales and number of employees
  • Profit margin
  • Contact information for new decision-makers within the organisation

There is no point in reaching out to a company without money – unless you work with deb collection of course. That’s why a successful sales rep uses real time updated company information. When you check up on a company, you need to know that your information is correct. In order for you to make a quick and valid decision if your prospect is ready to take the next step in the sales process.

Can I buy email address to a company?

In the past, sales often purchased lists of email addresses to companies and stakeholders. The data quality can vary, but one thing is for sure: Email addresses – and all other company information – are like fresh commodity.

If you buy a list of email addresses, you need to use them quickly. Soon enough, the people on the list have change both their last name and department and your list is irrelevant. Make a long-term investment and subscribe to a service that can give you the information you need in real time instead.

Company data will always be a fresh commodity

How many times have you found yourself calling the wrong person? If you’re lucky, the person you manage to reach can still help you, but these detours take unnecessary time and energy from you.

Company data doesn’t age gracefully. On the contrary, it’s a fresh commodity that needs to be constantly updated. In just a month, one person has changed names, another position and two of your previous prospects have filed for bankruptcy.

All this affects your ability to sell. That’s why good data quality is crucial to ensure you to work in a professional and structured way. Don’t use your CRM as a repository for forgotten deals and inactive companies. Get your company information updated automatically instead.

Where can I find company information for free?

If you need some basic data and information about a company, there are plenty of free services you can use. For instance, you can often find a company’s organisational number, address, and other contact information from public authorities. Depending on country, you can also find data such as revenue, number of employees and corporate structure for free.

The challenges with free services are several. For example, you don’t know when the company register was last updated and free company information is not updated in real time – it’s too expensive. If you want to be serious and structured in your sales, you can benefit from having a company register that is updated in real time. This will save you time spent prospecting for customers who are not in a position to turn into a deal.

Find more B2B companies for prospecting

Our ambition is for more businesses to find smarter ways to do business in B2B. Many sales reps spend a lot of time prospecting, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Successful prospecting relies on knowing what your customers need.

But you shouldn’t have to go to three different sources to find the right person and phone number to call. It’s not in the sales call itself that you should be told that times are tough and that your offer – which was very interesting eight weeks ago – now has to be deprioritised because of declining results.

You should be able to see all this directly in your company registry of customers and prospects. You should be able to add notes with important information about the customer’s preferences or other things you particularly want to address. But basic data such as turnover, number of employees, contact details and decision-makers should be there. It’s a prerequisite for doing business in a smarter way.

Say good-bye to big cleanouts with automated updates of your company register

If you are just like me, and dreads the annual big spring cleaning, you can relax. Because now, pour company register can clean itself!

Yes, it is true! At least if you use our services. With Lime Go your corporate information and data always get automatic updates. You don’t even need to put it on autopilot, the system does it for you. The system updates every day, all year – so you’ll always have fresh data daily!

Lime Go gives you access to over 1,7 million companies so you can start prospect like a pro, today!

What are you waiting for?

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