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We’ve built Lime Go with thoughtful and powerful features and integrations to take your sales process to the next level.


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    Customer care

    Create structure and keep promises

    Use Lime Go smart features for structuring your data and processes

    • Customer dashboard (Coming soon)

      Understand your customers in depth. Become more data-driven, get to know your customers’ character traits, and gain a clear overview of your customer portfolio. Base your decisions on data and create a strong customer base with data-driven insights.

    • Smart follow-up

      We help you take the next step. Get alerts, reminders, and stay updated with your to-do list. Thanks to automatic updates, you’ll never miss an important next step.

    • GDPR-functionality

      Store your data securely. Take advantage of GDPR-compliant functionalities such as anonymization, share information externally, and see the history of consent changes.

      Learn more: GDPR-functionality
    • History notes and document storage 

      Keep track of your history. Write, measure, and filter your history notes easily in Lime Go. Upload, attach, or link documents without storage limitations.

    • Customers and contacts

      Effortlessly manage your customers and contacts. Set custom fields or tags to create a clear structure.

    • Activities, tasks, and reminder 

      Streamline your workflow by efficiently organizing and assigning tasks, activities, or reminders for yourself and your team.

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    Discover and attract new customers

    Enhance efficiency and find new customers easy

    • Prospecting filters

      Find companies in different segments easily. Utilize our extensive selection of 15+ filters to pinpoint your ideal target audience, considering factors such as demographics, geography, and financial criteria.

    • Lead search (Twin analysis) 

      Find new dream customers with similar characteristics to your existing ones. Simply select a customer and get new suggestions for new customers to create a list.

    • List search (Inherit list)

      Find out where you’ll find your dream customers based on which list performs the best. Tweak and filter on your list and find the one with the highest hit rate.

    • AI leads weekly

      Get your weekly mix tape of fresh leads. This AI feature scans all your existing customers and their qualities to give you recommendations for companies with the same qualities. The higher the temperature, the better the leads.

      Learn more: AI leads weekly
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    Company data

    Make data-driven decisions

    Utilize company data for informed decision-making

    • Company data

      Always have access to updated company data. Access information on over 3.7 million companies from Dun & Bradstreet, receiving updates on their name, address, finances, and company size.

      Learn more: Company data
    • Google maps feature

      Find your customers. Access Google Maps on every business card to streamline navigation for your physical meetings.

    • Graphical financial data

      Never miss an important update. Automatically synchronize accounting updates with Lime Go, ensuring real-time tracking of your customer portfolio’s finances and minimizing financial risks.

    • Credit rating

      Obtain a straightforward overview of a company’s finances by checking the credit rating on all limited companies, updated quarterly.

    • Nordic decision makers

      Always have access to updated decision-makers and contact info. Access information on over 6.4 million companies from Dun & Bradstreet.

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    Maximize your sales

    Improve your sales efficiency and close more deals faster

    • Deals and pipe management

      Manage your deals in different pipelines. Facilitate effective pipeline management by implementing alerts and gaining insights into its performance.

    • Customer lists and hit rate

      Filter your data and create multi-purpose lists to follow up on potential or existing customers easily. Use your hit rate in each list to understand where and how you are performing.

    • Deals insights

      Compare your activity and performance over time. Gain insights into both your individual and team performance while simultaneously obtaining an overview of your profit rate and identifying opportunities for improvement.

    • LinkedIn search

      Find people or companies on LinkedIn directly in Lime Go.

    • Sales icebreakers

      Check the weather in the customer’s location, discussing elements like wind, humidity, and temperature to initiate conversations seamlessly. Additionally, explore themed days designed to further engage in dialogue with the customer.

    • Sales dashboard and leaderboard

      Get a better overview of your results to maximize your sales. Review your monthly performance data from the past year, analyze deal sources, and compare various periods.

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    Find your ideal customers

    Centralize sales and marketing efforts for streamlined customer outreach

    • Schedule newsletter

      Plan your newsletters for the most convenient date and time. Utilize newsletter statistics to determine the optimal timing for each newsletter and fine-tune scheduling down to the minute.

    • Statistics and follow-up for newsletters 

      Receive insights into the performance of your newsletters. Identify successful CTAs, engage, and track metrics such as views, clicks, and bounce rates.

    • Templates for newsletters

      Enable the template library to unlock 10 brilliantly designed templates. Remove the Lime Go branding and gain access to the ideal layout for your needs.

    • Newsletter

      Become personal. Connect with your customers by sending personalized and professional communications. Edit layouts, text, and more to tailor your messages to perfection.

    • Web forms 

      Link website forms directly to Lime Go for a streamlined contact flow. Simplify customer interactions as submitted forms create business opportunities in Lime Go, effortlessly identifying the right company and person.

    • Heat score

      The hotter, the better. Multiple Lead records will generate a hot Heat Score and an opportunity for you to acquire a new customer. Take action or it will cool down with time.

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    Team collaboration

    Coworker transparency and efficiency

    Enhance transparency and efficiency among coworkers to improve collaboration

    • Multiple pipelines for deals or projects

      Utilize multiple pipelines to gain a comprehensive view of your projects and efficiently handle various processes in one place. Effectively manage deals, projects, or other processes.

    • Product library

      Avoid manual calculations and human error—simply add your products quantity, and discounts in the product library to obtain the total deal value. Effortlessly sync this data with your ERP for seamless integration.

    • Synchronized calendar

      Connect your calendar (Gmail, Apple & Outlook) to Lime Go for seamless meeting management and to prevent double bookings. Effortlessly link your calendar and eliminate the need for email coordination.

    • Admin rights and permissions

      Enable precise collaboration within the team by configuring administrative permissions for creating, editing, and deleting tasks. Tailor access for specific users to ensure efficient and targeted control over project management.

    • Lime Go on the Go

      Access Lime Go effortlessly on your phone with a user-friendly interface that ensures immediate synchronization with the app. Enhance your experience by uploading photos to cards, recording voice memos, or transcribing meeting notes.

    • Collaborative Lime links

      Strengthen team collaboration effortlessly with lime links by copying and sending links to your peers. They can easily navigate to the cards with a simple click, making it ideal for handovers, assigning leads, or notifying colleagues about a won deal.

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