AI leads weekly

Receive 200 new AI leads – every week! This AI feature scans all your existing customers and their personality traits to provide you with recommendations on companies with similar characteristics. Kind of like Netflix recommendations, but for new customer processing. The higher the temperature of your leads, the greater the probability that it’s a perfect match for your ideal customer!

AI leads weekly operates based on your current customer base. The more customers you have, the more data the recommendation engine can draw from, leading to better and higher quality leads. It carefully scans your entire app, focusing on customers with the relationship status “is a customer”. Importantly, its effectiveness grows as you add more customers. Aim for at least ten customers to hit the sweet spot for finding those perfect prospects.  

  • Import or migrate customer data: Begin by seamlessly transferring your existing customer data into Lime Go. Importing your data ensures that AI leads weekly has a solid foundation to work right from the start.
  • Connect your business system: Integrate your business system with Lime Go to enable smooth data synchronization. By connecting your system, you empower AI leads weekly to maximizing its effectiveness in generating high-quality leads.
  • Manually tagging customers: Easily identify and manually tag your new customers in Lime Go, providing AI leads weekly with valuable input to further refine its recommendations.

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