Experience the power of spot-on CRM

Lime CRM comes with powerful features for handling your entire customer journey. Configurable and expandable to suit your unique needs.


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    Your CRM, your way

    Tailor Lime CRM to fit your needs through the use of smart features for structuring your data and processes

    • Multiple startpages

      Tailor your CRM start page to suit distinct roles and departments with customizable, resizable widgets and a streamlined design that efficiently adapts to all screen sizes, enhancing user experience and productivity.

    • Map view

      Enhance your CRM insights by visualizing data on a map, enabling better strategic decisions in areas like customer visit planning, work order distribution, and optimal locations for new stores or events, all seamlessly integrated with Google Maps.

      Learn more: Map view
    • Table & list views

      Manage your data in a format that’s easy to work with and understand. Lime CRM comes with different views depending on the situation and content, all to simplify your everyday work.

    • Global search

      Spend less time on searching. Everything in Lime CRM is searchable and you can quickly find whatever you are looking for using our global search feature.

    • Custom fields and tabs

      Easily configure Lime CRM to suit your needs. Add different field types, connect objects, and build the structure to fit the information you need to manage your customer journey.

    • Document templates

      Quickly create and easily maintain beautiful document templates that are auto filled with information from Lime CRM.

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    Teamwork makes dreamwork

    Collaboration is key to excel in customer relationships and Lime CRM gives you the power you need

    • Customer plans

      Work proactively in setting plans for your customer on a yearly basis, to collaborate on common goals and targets.

    • To-dos

      Effortlessly manage and prioritize tasks in customer relations with to-dos that are intelligently connected to the correct customer, deal, coworker and more. It helps you stay organized and ensures you are always on top of your game, knowing exactly what…

    • Portal

      Elevate self-service for customers, employees, and partners with a customizable web portal that streamlines personal data handling, reporting, and direct CRM integration for efficient information management.

      Learn more: Portal
    • Complete customer overview

      Empower the organization with a 360-overview of all necessary customer information, presented and organized in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand for you and your business.

    • Document collaboration

      Optimize document handling in Lime CRM with Live Docs, which offers a seamless and quick workflow for Microsoft Office files — edit and save in a click, accessible on the go, and easily convert to PDF.

      Learn more: Document collaboration
    • Activity feed

      Keep track of every promise and conversation in customer interactions easily with our activity feed. It shows who said what and when, helping your team stay informed and consistent in all customer relations, across the whole organization.

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    Reach prospects and customers where they are

    Whether it being through email, SMS or chat, Lime CRM assist you in communicating effectively – regardless of channel

    • Campaigns & events

      Empower your marketing organization with our event campaign & feature that simplifies designing invitations, segmenting audiences, and streamlining registration processes. Follow-up on the results afterwards with powerful analytics.

      Learn more: Campaigns & events
    • Live chat

      Transform customer interactions into lasting relationships with Live chat, a dynamic addition to your CRM that centralizes all messages, including live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS, in one unified inbox. This tool not only personalizes messaging experiences across various…

      Learn more: Live chat
    • Email & calendar integration

      Connect Outlook or Gmail to Lime CRM to easily save relevant customer communication directly from your inbox and calendar.

      Learn more: Email & calendar integration
    • Newsletter

      Leverage your CRM data to craft targeted newsletters. Select recipients based on criteria like customer status or location, and easily create stunning emails using drag-and-drop blocks or pre-designed templates.

      Learn more: Newsletter
    • Smart FAQ

      Boost customer support with the Smart FAQ feature, an interactive help tool that anticipates customer queries by autocompleting inputs and spotlighting popular topics. Organized categories guide users through complex issues, enabling efficient self-service solutions.

    • Phone integration

      Turn phone calls into quick actions by connecting your softphone to Lime CRM. Make outgoing calls directly by the press of a button and open the correct contact in Lime CRM automatically during incoming calls.

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    Improve efficiency with automation capabilities

    Enhance efficiency and productivity throughout the entire customer journey using automation features.

    • Marketing automation

      Take your communication to new heights with marketing automation to ensure that your target audience gets a personalized experience – automatically.

      Learn more: Marketing automation
    • Workflow automations

      Define and create automated workflows to minimize repetitive tasks with our no-code designer.

    • Process visualization

      Experience a visual representation of your current stage within any process, from simple sales to complex service cases, configurable specifically to your needs.

      Learn more: Process visualization
    • Checklists

      Simplify task management and prevent oversights with dynamic checklists – your solution to staying organized and efficient.

      Learn more: Checklists
    • AI powered chatbot

      Revolutionize support and sales with our advanced AI-powered chatbot, tailored to understand customer needs and equipped with pre-built yet customizable dialogues, seamlessly integrating across messaging channels.

    • eSign

      Close deals swiftly with eSign: Send, sign, and secure your sales digitally – right within Lime CRM.

      Learn more: eSign
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    Expand Lime CRM with powerful customization & integration tools

    Build custom integrations and powerful workflows for an even more tailored experience

    • REST API

      Expand and integrate to other applications easily through our modern REST APIs to perfectly fit Lime CRM in the eco system of your business.

    • Webhooks

      Use webhooks to subscribe to changes in Lime CRM in real time.

    • Custom interfaces & workflows

      Use web components for customizing the web client and create neat, efficient workflows using building blocks and UI elements.

    • Custom business logic

      Custom build advanced business logic using Python, custom endpoints, scheduled tasks and more to create a powerful, tailored application.

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    Get insights

    Turn data to insights

    Elevate your customer data to insights and take data-driven decisions in every step in the customer journey

    • Proactive signals

      Quickly go from numbers to action using proactive signals, easily configured for your needs.

      Learn more: Proactive signals
    • Goal tracking

      Set and reach your goals with simplicity using defined KPIs, such as activity levels or budget goals for both individual coworkers or different departments.

      Learn more: Goal tracking
    • Advanced business intelligence

      Improve decision making by turning CRM data into visual insights regardless of role or department. Easily ask questions and get answers based on your business-critical data, presented in a way that makes sense.

      Learn more: Advanced business intelligence
    • Survey

      Gain deeper customer understanding with the use of professional customer-facing surveys, easily created to fit the needs of the situation or process.

      Learn more: Survey
    • NPS

      Measure and track customer loyalty with NPS surveys and visualize the outcome in a pre-defined set of dashboards and widgets.

    • Call outs

      Highlight critical information with colors and icons in the right context to quickly be able to take the right decision in your daily work.

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    Enhanced protection and effortless compliance

    Utilize flexible hosting, precise access controls, streamlined single sign-on, and GDPR compliance for a secure, efficient CRM experience.

    • Cloud or on-premise

      Simplify your CRM experience with our flexible hosting solutions, offering both cloud environments and support for your own servers, tailored to meet your unique needs.

    • User & group access

      Define roles for different user groups for controlling granular access to relevant information both on table and row level.

    • Single sign-on

      Manage users and sign in faster, easier, and more secure with Single sign-on in Lime CRM through Azure AD or other provider.

    • GDPR

      Ensure peace of mind with GDPR features that simplify admin tasks and secure compliance with data protection regulations.

      Learn more: GDPR
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    Explore integrations

    • Cesar2

      Transform your fiber network business with Lime CRM’s integration with Cesar2, ensuring streamlined transactions and efficient communication. This integration facilitates both buying and selling processes, offers statistical insights, and features a user-friendly interface for comprehensive management of fiber business operations.

    • BFUS

      Elevate your utility management with the integration between Lime CRM and BFUS, enabling streamlined administrative tasks and seamless communication. This integration ensures immediate updates and feedback between Lime CRM and the BFUS system, enhancing efficiency in customer management, invoicing, and…

    • Objektvision

      Enhance your real estate listings and lead management with the integration to Objektvision, offering automatic updates and effortless publishing. This seamless connection ensures your listings are current and your lead tracking is efficient, maximizing opportunities in the real estate market.

    • Lokalguiden

      Optimize your rental management with the integration to Lokalguiden, Sweden’s key platform for rental spaces. This seamless connection streamlines listing updates and inquiry management, simplifying your process and connecting you with potential renters more efficiently.

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