Elevate your CRM experience with smart integrations. 

Say goodbye to working in multiple systems, as these seamless integrations effortlessly enhance your workflow, providing a smoother and more enjoyable experience in getting the job done. 


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    • Maconomy

      Optimize Lime CRM with the ERP Connector, adding customers with a click and syncing with Maconomy, while accessing detailed invoice information and financial trends.

      Learn more: Maconomy
    • Monitor

      Connect to Monitor efficiently using the ERP Connector, facilitating synchronized data management and processing.

      Learn more: Monitor
    • Fortnox

      Leverage the ERP Connector for Lime CRM to add customers effortlessly, sync with Fortnox, and gain access to comprehensive invoice details and financial comparisons in Lime CRM.

      Learn more: Fortnox
    • Visma Nova

      Connect to Visma Nova using the ERP Connector, enabling easy customer additions, synced data, and detailed invoice analytics and financial trends in Lime CRM.

      Learn more: Visma Nova
    • Visma Global

      Enhance operational efficiency by connecting Lime CRM with Visma Global via the ERP Connector for streamlined data updates.

      Learn more: Visma Global
    • Exact Online

      Streamline your CRM data management by integrating Lime CRM with Exact Online using the ERP Connector for cohesive data processing.

      Learn more: Exact Online
    • Tripletex

      Optimize customer management using the ERP Connector, seamlessly adding customers, syncing with Tripletex, and accessing comprehensive invoice details and financial graphs in Lime CRM.

      Learn more: Tripletex
    • Uniconta

      Leverage the ERP Connector to add customers from Lime CRM, sync with Uniconta, and view detailed invoices and visual financial trends for each customer directly in Lime CRM.

      Learn more: Uniconta
    • PowerOffice Go

      Use the ERP Connector to add customers in PowerOffice Go with a click and seamlessly sync invoices and invoice rows and visual financial analytics directly on Lime CRM’s company card.

      Learn more: PowerOffice Go
    • e-conomic

      Enhance your workflows with the ERP Connector to effortlessly add customers, integrate e-conomic’s customer data, and access comprehensive invoice details and financial comparisons in Lime CRM.

      Learn more: e-conomic
    • Visma eEkonomi

      Use the ERP Connector to add customers effortlessly and syncing with Visma eEkonomi for comprehensive invoice insights and financial graphs directly in Lime CRM.

      Learn more: Visma eEkonomi
    • BL Administration

      Enhance Lime CRM’s capabilities by linking it to BL Administration via the ERP Connector for streamlined data integration.

      Learn more: BL Administration
    • Visma.net

      Utilize the ERP Connector to integrate Lime CRM with Visma.net, enhancing data consistency and workflow efficiency.

      Learn more: Visma.net
    • Visma Business

      Connect Lime CRM to Visma Business effortlessly with the ERP Connector, ensuring synchronized and updated data across platforms.

      Learn more: Visma Business
    • Visma Administration

      Integrate with Visma Administration via ERP Connector for easy customer creation, synced data, and a complete view of invoices and year-over-year financial comparisons in Lime CRM.

      Learn more: Visma Administration
    • Navision

      Minimize double-work with the ERP Connector, creating customers from Lime CRM to Navision, automatically syncing Navision-generated numbers and displaying detailed invoices and financial trends for each customer.

      Learn more: Navision
    • Business Central

      Simplify customer management with the ERP Connector; add new customers easily, sync Business Central-generated customer numbers, and view detailed invoices and financial graphs directly in Lime CRM.

      Learn more: Business Central

    Digital Signing

    • Vloxq

      Optimize sales efficiency with vloxq, a CPQ solution integrated into Lime CRM that ensures error-free, brand-aligned proposals, automating product and pricing updates for quicker, more effective decision-making.

      Learn more: Vloxq
    • Scrive

      Streamline your contract signing with Scrive in Lime CRM, enabling easy digital signatures, real-time tracking, and automatic document storage for a smoother, more efficient process.

      Learn more: Scrive
    • Verified 

      Simplify contract management with Verified in Lime CRM, enabling seamless contract handling and e-signing within a single system, complete with automatic updates and reminders for a smoother deal closure process.

      Learn more: Verified 
    • GetAccept

      Seamlessly integrate e-signature processes with Lime CRM using GetAccept, allowing you to send, track, and automatically save signed documents, streamlining contract management

      Learn more: GetAccept


    • Cesar2

      Transform your fiber network business with Lime CRM’s integration with Cesar2, ensuring streamlined transactions and efficient communication. This integration facilitates both buying and selling processes, offers statistical insights, and features a user-friendly interface for comprehensive management of fiber business operations.

    • BFUS

      Elevate your utility management with the integration between Lime CRM and BFUS, enabling streamlined administrative tasks and seamless communication. This integration ensures immediate updates and feedback between Lime CRM and the BFUS system, enhancing efficiency in customer management, invoicing, and…

    Real Estate

    • Objektvision

      Enhance your real estate listings and lead management with the integration to Objektvision, offering automatic updates and effortless publishing. This seamless connection ensures your listings are current and your lead tracking is efficient, maximizing opportunities in the real estate market.

    • Lokalguiden

      Optimize your rental management with the integration to Lokalguiden, Sweden’s key platform for rental spaces. This seamless connection streamlines listing updates and inquiry management, simplifying your process and connecting you with potential renters more efficiently.

    • Hemnet

      Maximize your real estate listings’ impact with the integration to Hemnet, Sweden’s leading property portal. Effortlessly publish and manage your properties, with automatic updates and customizable features, ensuring your listings are always current and captivating.

    Insights & analytics

    • nps.today

      Elevate customer loyalty management with nps.today, a fully integrated NPS solution for Lime CRM. Automate satisfaction surveys, gain insights into customer experiences, and respond swiftly to NPS ratings, all within one seamless system, enhancing sales, service, and marketing efforts.

    Lead Generation & Data Accuracy

    • Proff

      Accelerate customer discovery with Proff in Lime CRM, providing quick, direct access to company information in Europe, simplifying your prospecting process.

      Learn more: Proff
    • Byggfakta SMART

      Optimize your construction project management with Byggfakta SMART integrated into Lime CRM, ensuring easy access to up-to-date tenders and project information across multiple countries, keeping you ahead in the market.

      Learn more: Byggfakta SMART
    • Leadinfo

      Capture and convert more leads with Leadinfo, providing in-depth insights into B2B website visitors and their activities, enabling real-time lead generation and seamless CRM integration for maximized business opportunities.

      Learn more: Leadinfo
    • Brønnøysundregistrene

      Empower your sales team with the Brønnøysundregistrene integration, ensuring quick retrieval of essential company information across Europe, aiding in effective prospect targeting.

      Learn more: Brønnøysundregistrene
    • Checkbiz

      Simplify finding new business opportunities with our Checkbiz integration to Lime CRM, granting immediate access to in-depth company information across Europe, making customer prospecting more efficient.

      Learn more: Checkbiz
    • Dun & Bradstreet

      Efficiently discover new customers with our integration to Dun & Bradstreet, offering quick access to comprehensive company information across Europe, eliminating the need for manual searches and data registration.

      Learn more: Dun & Bradstreet
    • Creditsafe

      Enhance your customer acquisition process with Creditsafe for Lime CRM, providing quick, direct access to detailed company and contact information across Europe, simplifying the task of finding and validating potential customers.

      Learn more: Creditsafe
    • Credit Info

      Streamline new customer validations with Lime CRM’s Creditsafe integration, offering straightforward credit checks and clear rating indicators for informed business decisions​.

      Learn more: Credit Info

    Integration Platforms

    • Zapier

      Automate and streamline your workflow with Zapier’s integration in Lime CRM, enabling seamless interactions between systems for tasks like updating tickets, syncing events, and generating leads.

      Learn more: Zapier

    Phone Integrations

    • Telavox

      Transform your call management with Telavox integration in Lime CRM, automatically displaying relevant contact information for incoming calls and enabling direct outgoing calls from Lime CRM.

      Learn more: Telavox
    • Marketing automation

      Take your communication to new heights with marketing automation to ensure that your target audience gets a personalized experience – automatically.

      Learn more: Marketing automation
    • Workflow automations

      Define and create automated workflows to minimize repetitive tasks with our no-code designer.

    • Process visualization

      Experience a visual representation of your current stage within any process, from simple sales to complex service cases, configurable specifically to your needs.

      Learn more: Process visualization
    • eSign

      Close deals swiftly with eSign: Send, sign, and secure your sales digitally – right within Lime CRM.

      Learn more: eSign

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